Induction heating


Functions: roll quenching, gear quenching, rod hot forging, turbine blade brazing

Induction heating has the characteristics of high efficiency, no pollution, easy automation and suitable for mass production.

(1) The correct selection of steel

Essential fine grain steel should be selected for induction heating quenching. Fine grain steel is easy to get fine martensite, and the brittle damage sensitivity is small after low temperature tempering. At the same time, it requires good technology, low cost and good hardening materials.

(2) Advantages of induction heating

Induction heating quenching, can ensure the required hardening zone to obtain the temperature, hardening layer uniform distribution, heating to the quenching temperature needs the shortest time, high thermal efficiency, energy saving.

Quality inspection of induction heating quenching

1. Inspection of parts quality before induction heating heat treatment

(1) The parts should be cleaned before induction heating and heat treatment to remove the oil and rust on the surface, and there should be no burrs, flying edges and oxide skin.

(2) The dimensions of the parts meet the process requirements. If there are out-of-tolerance parts in batch size, those that can be reworked and corrected before quenching should be returned to rework; If it cannot be reworked before quenching, the process department shall make a one-time effective temporary process according to the situation. Full-time inspectors shall strictly control the process and mark the parts.

(3) The surface roughness of the parts to be treated should be equal to or better than Ra1.6μm.

(4) Before induction heating, the chemical composition, hardness and original structure of the parts are generally no longer checked, but should be checked under special circumstances.

2. Inspection of induction heating process

The induction heating heat treatment process and operation instructions should be implemented. The operator should carry out self-inspection of parts quality and process parameters, and combine the on-site quality assurance system with the mutual inspection of monitor and quality inspector, special inspection of inspection personnel and spot inspection of branch factory sections.

3. Inspection after induction heating heat treatment

(1) Daily inspection items and contents: the surface quality of parts, hardening area of parts, deformation amount shall be checked according to the requirements of the process card.

(2) Regular comprehensive quality inspection of metallographic

(3) Hardness inspection