2023 Development prospects of China's heat treatment industry; development trend analysis of heat treatment industry


How big is the heat treatment industry market?According to the China Heat Treatment Industry Association data, in 2020, China's heat treatment equipment and process materials sales turnover of about 20 billion yuan, of which, heat treatment equipment (including loading material) about 15 billion yuan, process materials about 5 billion yuan, compared with at the end of the "Twelfth Five-Year", nearly double.Combined with the development of downstream demand markets for heat treatment industry applications, it is estimated that in 2021, sales of heat treatment equipment and process materials in China will reach about 22.2 billion yuan.


Heat treatment refers to a metal thermal processing process in which the material is heated, insulated and cooled in a solid state to obtain the expected organization and properties.In the process from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age and the Iron Age, the role of heat treatment has gradually been recognized by people.


In the 21st century, small and medium-sized private enterprises specializing in heat treatment processing have developed rapidly, in order to help these enterprises regulate the development of technology, equipment, management and personnel training, heat treatment enterprises have been promoted to a higher level in many aspects of energy saving, environmental protection, safety and health, production technology, product quality and scientific management.


At present, the development and innovation ability has improved the digestion and absorption of imported technology, the influx of foreign-funded enterprises, a steady stream of overseas returnees, frequent technical exchanges at home and abroad, so that enterprise personnel broaden their horizons, see the general trend, clear the gap and catch up goals, and greatly improve the local equipment manufacturing industry's new product development and innovation ability. All kinds of vacuum heat treatment equipment production is self-sufficient, to meet the needs of aviation and mould industry, a variety of types of sealing multi-purpose furnace, super large well carburizing furnace can be manufactured by itself. Heat treatment equipment manufactured by local enterprises has been exported to Japan, the United States and other developed countries in addition to Southeast Asian countries. These are concrete examples of the improvement of the ability to develop innovation.


Heat treatment is one of the important basic processes of equipment manufacturing, is to improve the performance and reliability of mechanical and electrical products, extend the service life, improve the market competitiveness of the core technology, is the metal parts manufacturing process consumes more energy and indispensable key processes, but also an important process technology for equipment manufacturing energy saving.


As an indispensable key link in the equipment manufacturing industry chain of the national economy, heat treatment industry has great responsibilities and arduous tasks in improving the industrial basic capacity and the modernization level of the industrial chain, laying a good industrial foundation and modernization of the industrial chain.


At present, China has all kinds of heat treatment processing enterprises and workshops more than 10,000, the whole industry heat treatment production equipment about more than 200,000 units (sets), the annual heat treatment processing volume of about 50 million tons. Heat treatment equipment and process materials manufacturing enterprises more than 1000, heat treatment equipment and process materials manufacturing reached or close to the international advanced level, locally manufactured heat treatment equipment to meet the needs of domestic heat treatment main body, heat treatment equipment into the international market increased year by year, during the 13th Five-Year heat treatment industry exports of more than 10 million US dollars. The quality of heat treatment products has steadily improved, and the entire industry has developed towards a sustainable path.


Today, Ningbo remains one of the top destinations for foreign investors to invest in China." During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the actual utilization of foreign capital in Ningbo reached 11.929 billion US dollars, and 2,857 new foreign-funded enterprises were approved. Since 2019, Ningbo has vigorously developed the "246" trillion industrial cluster, endeavoured to create a national manufacturing high-quality development pilot area, and regarded the manufacturing industry as "the foundation of the city and the foundation of the strong city". Nowadays, Ningbo's economic aggregate ranks 12th in the country, industrial added value ranks 7th in the country, and there are 83 national manufacturing individual champion enterprises, ranking first in the country.


On the road of Ningbo's manufacturing industry, precision parts, extrusion molding, gear, machining, plastic products and other industrial fields are inseparable from heat treatment technology. This industry leader with strong technical strength is bound to help the development of Ningbo's manufacturing industry.


According to industry statistics, China's annual heat treatment processing volume of about 50 million tons, heat treatment consumption of electricity up to 20 billion kWh, natural gas and liquefied gas about 400 million Nm3, quenching oil more than 100,000 tons, and other process material consumption, a total of about 10 million tons of standard coal per year, It emits about 30 million tons of carbon dioxide.


At present, the production technology has made great progress less no oxidation heating heat treatment proportion has reached more than 60%, vacuum heating oil quenching, high pressure gas quenching, low pressure carburizing heat treatment is widely promoted, multi-purpose furnace gas carburizing basically achieve automatic control of carbon potential, Φ4 meters above the large gear with domestic equipment to achieve deep controlled carburizing quenching, high temperature fast carburizing and nitrogen potential controlled nitriding are also used in production. Ultra-high frequency, high frequency, ultra-audio frequency, medium frequency, power frequency, dual-frequency induction heat treatment, transverse magnetic field heating, numerical control simulation induction hardening technology are applied in the production, low temperature chemical heat treatment in the ferrite state, physical and chemical vapor deposition of metal and non-metallic materials, laser heat treatment, plasma heat treatment and chemical heat treatment have been widely used or promoted to a certain extent. Chemical heat treatment infiltration technology is in the international leading level, has been promoted in many large backbone enterprises, due to the obvious shortening of the process cycle, energy saving effect is remarkable.


There is no doubt that heat treatment energy saving is one of the important points for the equipment manufacturing industry to achieve the goal of "carbon peak". In order to meet the energy saving work needs of the heat treatment industry, help heat treatment enterprises to dig deep into the energy saving potential and promote the green development of the heat treatment industry.


The amount of import and export of heat treatment equipment in China has maintained a deficit for many years, and the import scale is large. From 2019 to 2021, the import amount of China's heat treatment equipment manufacturing industry increased year by year, and the import amount in 2021 was 233.9103 million US dollars, an increase of 16.10%. In recent years, the import price of other industrial or experimental induction or dielectric loss heat treatment equipment in China has shown a downward trend as a whole, and will be $1,292.39 / unit in 2021; The price of "85141010 controlled atmosphere heat treatment furnace" shows an overall upward trend, and will be $465,214.98 / unit in 2021.


According to the "China Heat treatment industry" issued by the China Heat treatment Industry Association "14th Five-Year" development plan Outline ", "13th Five-Year" period, China's heat treatment equipment and process materials manufacturing has basically reached or close to the international advanced level, but more developed countries still have a gap, mainly in the function is not comprehensive enough; The stability of the equipment is poor, and the dispersion of the quality of the heat treatment workpiece is large. Low degree of informatization; The key indicators fail to meet the high-end equipment standards, and the process is backward; Industry line integration ability is insufficient.


Overall, the development trend of heat treatment equipment in the future is to develop in the direction of high-end, numerical control and green. There is still a large space for upgrading heat treatment equipment in China. Preliminary forecast in the next 5 years, China's heat treatment equipment manufacturing industry market size compound annual growth rate of about 4%, to 2027, China's heat treatment equipment manufacturing industry market size of 28.1 billion yuan.


In summary, China's heat treatment equipment manufacturing industry has developed well in recent years, and the market size and equipment ownership have shown an expanding trend, but the technical level of the industry is still a big gap compared with developed countries. In the future, China's heat treatment equipment will develop in the direction of high-end, numerical control and green, and the scale of the industry will be further expanded.


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