STRONG TECHNOLOGY is a high quality practitioner of "double cycle" in new material industry of stainless steel and special alloy


On October 15th, 2020, the "2020 (The first session) high end forum of China's stainless and special alloy new material industry" sponsored by Zhongguancun new material industry technology innovation alliance, which was held in Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province.

Lu Wenzhong, deputy secretary of Xiangshui county Party committee and Secretary of Party Working Committee of Xiangshui Industrial Economic Zone, Li Xinchuang, Secretary of the Party committee of metallurgical industry planning and Research Institute, Dai Guofang, chairman of Delong group, Wu Wennan, executive vice president of Delong nickel industry, Huang Qingzhou, chairman of Beibu Gulf new materials, Li Shiliang, chairman of Huale alloy group, Li Haiyang, deputy general manager of Taishan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., had extensive interaction and exchange with leaders and experts.

Chai Zhiyong, deputy general manager of TISCO

Wang Lijuan, research fellow vice president of metallurgical industry planning; and executive vice president of the Alliance

Li Xinchuang, Secretary of the Party committee of metallurgical industry planning and Research Institute


  Based on the theme of collaborative innovation - building a "double cycle" new pattern of stainless steel and special alloy new material industry, experts and scholars of various industries put forward the scientific and technological revolution of building new materials of stainless steel and special alloy intelligently, accelerating the formation of a new development pattern with domestic large cycle as the main body, and domestic and international double cycle promoting each other. Information technology has promoted the development of the whole stainless steel industry in China, The transformation of informatization, digital and intelligent has brought new production mode, new products, new technology, new industry, new thinking mode and new industrial vitality to the development of the whole stainless steel industry. It advocates domestic enterprises to promote the benign interaction of domestic and international dual cycle, firmly grasp the development initiative, practice independent innovation and lead the development of the industry.

Lu Hanming, chairman of STRONG TECHNOLOGY, led Liu Xishun, general manager of equipment manufacturing department, and Liao Zhiyan, general manager of STRONG materials, attended the forum and visited the smelting, hot-rolled and cold-rolled workshops of Delong nickel.

STRONG technology has long regarded Scientific and technological innovation as the benchmark of heat treatment technology, and the theme of this forum coincides with the spirit we have been adhering to. The product design starts from the humanistic concept and the core technology continues to expand, breaking the original production mode and pursuing higher and stronger core competitiveness. STRONG TECHNOLOGY constantly promotes the formation of technological innovation market pattern, which is conducive to the realization of the stainless steel industry chain climbing to the middle and high-end, and the high-quality development of the stainless steel industry.

The stainless steel cold rolled bright continuous annealing line produced by STRONG TECHNOLOGY, mainly focuses on the automation and intelligent development of heat treatment system. It requires the production line to achieve high output, high reliability, good stability, and has the ability of automatic data processing, and can achieve self inspection, self calibration and self compensation, so as to provide technical support for manufacturing high-performance products.

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