Safe, efficient, flexible and changeable Intelligence flexible heat treatment line


In the era of industry 4.0, more people like customized products. Heat treatment, a traditional industry with a long history, in the purchase, we should consider whether its performance has the advantages of safety, efficiency, flexibility and changeability. Intelligence flexible heat treatment line jointly developed by STRONG TECHNOLOGY and SOLO Swiss SA:

1、 Equipped with automatic manipulator placed in the production line, responsible for the loading and unloading of the loading area and other station equipment.The whole process of intelligent control, heat treatment work area to achieve unmanned, greatly ensuring the personal safety of operators.

2、 The management system of the equipment has the international advanced heat treatment process, fully records the heat treatment temperature, aging and atmosphere of each batch of products, and can access the data of product processing process at any time, and realize the fast switching of various heat treatment processes within 15 minutes. The equipment is connected to the central control system to facilitate remote information management.  

3、 The Bell-type furnace shall be equipped with ammonia safety system. In case of power failure or furnace temperature falling below 750 ℃, the equipment can automatically fill nitrogen into the furnace and start the safety device in time. Ensure the safety of equipment, operator and workpiece.

Safety in production is more important than Mount Taishan. From the beginning of design, our equipment adheres to people-oriented principle and starts from safety. Every link and every detail is in place, striving to be safe, efficient, flexible and changeable.

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