STRONG TECHNOLOGY and some members of supporting branch of Stainless Steel Association visited and communicated Longxin Laser Technology Co., Ltd


On January 6th, at the warm invitation of Xia Guozhang, chairman of the board of Longxin Laser Technology Co., Ltd.. Lin Zeyu, executive chairman of the association; Huang gengyan, executive secretary of the association; President of supporting branch; Wang guimao, deputy general manager of STRONG TECHNOLOGY; and other members of the supporting branch visited Longxin Laser Technology Co., Ltd.


Innovation and upgrading,

cooperative development



In a relaxed and pleasant forum, Mr. Xia, chairman of the board of Longxin laser said that in line with the arrival of the industry 4.0 era, the company's R & D team, according to the cutting equipment market demand, has more than four new-type pipe cutting equipment available every year, replacing traditional cutting with laser cutting.


Wang guimao, chairman of supporting branch and deputy general manager of STRONG TECHNOLOGY, said in the discussion that supporting branch has obvious effect on the development of Longxin. Under the background of great promotion of stainless steel product development and industrialization, various processing technologies are constantly innovating. How to choose a suitable one-stop stainless steel service platform to achieve the double goals of quality and price is very important. It is called on to Members strive to achieve more opportunities for cooperation, have more social value, more close to the real demands of upstream and downstream users, add luster to the stainless steel industry, and achieve win-win cooperation!


Lin Zeyu, executive chairman of Guangdong Stainless Steel Association, gave full affirmation to the work of Mr. Wang of STRONG TECHNOLOGY and the practice of resource sharing.

After the discussion, a group of people accompanied by President Xia, visited Longxin laser cutting equipment and modern production workshop. We all appreciate the achievements of its successful transformation and upgrading.

In the era of macro-control and great changes in industrial environment development, stainless steel supporting enterprises are facing a complex and changing situation, and the annual sales volume of STRONG TECHNOLOGY is growing by a large margin. Based on the subdivision field and the market, the achievements achieved by STRONG cannot be separated from the industrial strength. In the past year, with the support of Guangdong Stainless Steel Association, STRONG TECHNOLOGY has organized more than 20 enterprises to visit, exchange and study with several benchmark enterprises in stainless steel supporting industry. In the new year, STRONG TECHNOLOGY will continue to actively explore various forms of cooperation to jointly promote the development of stainless steel industry.

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