Application of STRONG vacuum coating machine (PVD furnace) in different industries



PVD is the abbreviation of physical vapor deposition, which refers to the technology of vaporizing materials (commonly known as targets or film materials) into gaseous molecules, atoms or ions by physical methods under vacuum conditions, and depositing them on workpieces to form films with special functions.

Target working process


The multifunctional plasma coating machine with many independent intellectual property rights developed by STRONG, can prepare nano coating, rare earth modified coating, super hard coating and multi-functional composite coating. A number of plasma coating machine which has reached the first-class level in the domestic market can be widely used in surface material treatment, including: hard film coating, thermal barrier coating and decorative coating.


Various coating preparation technologies


STRONG provides one-stop solutions, including the equipment, production process and exception handling used in the pre-treatment, coating, post-treatment and quality inspection of processed parts.


1. Cutting industry


It can be used for cutting tools and tools to improve the surface performance and service life of products


According to the needs of manufacturing development, multi-functional composite cutting tools and high-speed and efficient cutting tools will become the mainstream of cutting tool development. Cutting tool materials must have high temperature hardness and wear resistance, necessary bending strength, impact toughness, chemical inertia and good processability (cutting, forging and heat treatment, etc.). In order to meet these requirements, STRONG PVD coating machine brings more breakthrough possibilities for the tool industry and greatly improves the tool performance.


Cutting tools such as gear hobbing cutter, milling cutter, drill, end milling cutter, etc. are treated by composite multi arc ion plating process, and the phenomenon of cutting edge cracks can be greatly reduced during cutting. According to the practical application, STRONG PVD coating machine not only improves cutting conditions, and the service life of the tool is increased to 30% - 200%.

Coating treatment center


Tool sample display


2. Mold industry

Provide coating machine and process for different types of mold production


In the mold industry, different types of mold have different needs and applications. Due to the role of multi-element infiltration strengthening, the following different coating types can be selected specifically for the ion source system developed by STRONG:


For the need to improve the wear performance and prolong the life of cold stamping mold, the coating containing C can be used, for example: TICN coating.


For hot working molds with high surface temperature, coating with high AI can be used, such as AICrTiN coating and AITiN coating


The most common failure mode of plastic mold is corrosiveness. Multi layer CrN coating has been proved to have very good corrosion resistance.

Multifunctional Modular Intelligent plasma coating machine


Display of various mold samples




3. Hardware decoration industry

Because of the profession, so glorious


STRONG's intelligent vacuum ion sputtering coating system is an efficient and pollution-free ion coating machine. It has the advantages of fast deposition speed, high separation rate, simple operation of equipment and large production volume. It brings all kinds of beautiful effects to various products in the hardware industry, and the film is wear-resistant and colorfast.


In recent years, the domestic decorative board market competition is increasing. As the main drafting unit for drafting the team standard of stainless steel decorative plate, STRONG has constantly made innovations in stainless steel decorative plate products according to customers' needs in a more professional and focused manner, and has successfully filled in the blank of stainless steel decorative plate industry standard.

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