Regular maintenance of controlled atmosphere furnace


The controlled atmosphere furnace is mainly composed of air cooling chamber, oil tank, heating chamber and control system.

It is suitable for a variety of heat treatment processes: carburizing, carbonitriding, protective atmosphere heating and quenching.


Continuous Bright annealing line for stainless steel strips


Intelligent heat treatment production line


Roller furnace


The multi-purpose furnace with controlled atmosphere shall be maintained regularly. Key components affecting safety and quality, such as thermocouples, sealing strips and pressure monitoring devices, shall be inspected. If they are damaged and expired, they shall be replaced in time. Do not carry out maintenance until the equipment is broken and can not be operated.


1. Regularly lubricate bearings and various moving parts, check the consumption of lubricating oil and take remedial measures.

2. Regularly check the vibration of turbine and stirring, and check the balance of turbine.

3. Rotate the radiant heating tube regularly to avoid short circuit burning caused by bending.

4. Regularly check the terminal of heating elements to prevent overheating and burning caused by loose bolts.

5. Regularly check the wear and sinking of each weight bearing part and make adjustment.

6. Regularly check the heating condition of electrical components, and adjust and replace them.

7. Regularly check the leakage of sealing parts, and adjust and replace them.

8. Thermocouple shall be calibrated, replaced and checked regularly.

9. Temperature control instruments shall be calibrated regularly.


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