STRONG die casting mould steel|benefits should be doubled and attention should be paid to energy distribution


Double the benefit and pay attention to the energy distribution -- on the energy management of mould makers


As we all know, human energy is limited. Facing the increasingly heavy work, it is a common method to extend the time to ensure the completion of the task. It depends on an extremely strong will, sacrificing one's own health and squeezing time to be with his family. If it goes on like this, people will be tired and inefficient.


When and how should energy be restored? Is there any way to improve the efficiency of work? How can we speed up the cultivation of talents? How can I make my work easier? etc. These problems, after you pay attention to energy management, may be able to get the basic solution.


1、 Scientific management of energy and improvement of work efficiency


When energetic, clear mind, quick response, low error rate, high work efficiency. On the contrary, the efficiency will decrease and the error rate will increase. Therefore, how to manage energy is worth thinking about.


When you work hard all morning, if you take a nap at noon, you will feel very sober and efficient in the afternoon. Also, if you try, take some of the time that you've devoted to work, except sleeping, and allocate it to your family and yourself. To be sure, you will have unexpected gains.


The happiness of family is the "panacea" for the treatment of physical and mental fatigue and mental trauma. Parents' patience, love's considerate greetings, children's naughty coquetry, which is not a good medicine to heal "scars". After enjoying it, you will not only recover your energy, but also work harder and more efficiently for them (your rear area).


Life - Study - work - Live again - Study again- work again. The improvement of ability is in this continuous cycle to improve. If you only know the work and completely ignore the summary, you can only improve the proficiency of operation, and the comprehensive quality can not be greatly changed.


During the work, there will always be some problems that can not be solved immediately, or get some successful experience. We should solve problems through thinking and learning. Success should be summed up in time. If we do not record these valuable experiences, it is equivalent to throwing away the "wealth" that we have gained through all kinds of hardships. Therefore, it is very important to allocate a little time for their own study and summary to improve work efficiency.


2、 Reduce energy waste and improve work efficiency


In the specific work, usually focus on the specific technical issues. In order to ensure the high quality of the completion of the task, devoted to technical and operational problem solving. This kind of working attitude of going all out and the spirit of bravely carrying heavy burdens are worth learning.


However, it may be because of this way that the team's efficiency is affected unconsciously. Because the following problems are ignored:


·How can we make the pace of team members more consistent?


·How can more members share the key work?


·How to improve speed by reducing workload?


·How to speed up the training of talents?


These problems are all administrative matters. If we consider to cooperate from technical preparation, we believe the effect will be more ideal.


At present, in order to improve their competitiveness, many enterprises have implemented the division of labor refinement. It greatly facilitates the formulation of internal operation specifications and standards of the team.


The formulation of norms and standards is mainly to unify the pace and improve efficiency.


Different from dictation, when collating these materials, the compilers will consider more comprehensive issues and consult different opinions. To sum up and inductive arrangement the common things, as the guidelines for guiding the daily work, and the teaching materials for training staff, which can lay a good foundation for accelerating the completion of tasks and the cultivation of talents.


With these materials, it is easy to explain the questions colleagues ask you. It can be used as a teaching material to link the training of new employees directly with the current situation, and as a technical material that can be searched at any time to guide future work.


The commonness should be refined and standardized to be relatively fixed (need continuous improvement). On the one hand, it can greatly reduce repeated labor and workload. On the other hand, you don't have to waste a lot of energy and time on most common problems. As long as we understand and implement thoroughly, we can improve the speed of completing tasks. Moreover, there will be no large deviation in quality. On the other hand, the cultivation of talents will become relatively simple and easy, but the growth rate will be faster.


Team pressure should be shared by all members rather than a few people. Only in this way can the combat effectiveness and efficiency of the team be high.


Pay attention to the distribution of energy and manage it well, not only in the allocation of time, but also to create conditions for such distribution. Unnecessary energy consumption has not been reduced, the workload of repeated labor has not been reduced, or only "hard work" without "clever work". Improving efficiency is just empty talk. To work not tired, pay attention to the distribution of energy! To double the wage, we must rely on knowledge accumulation.


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