Zhongguancun stainless and special alloy new material industry technology innovation alliance visited STRONG TECHNOLOGY


On May 10, Wang Lijuan, executive vice president of the alliance and vice president of metallurgical Planning Institute; Peng Feng, Executive Deputy Secretary General of the alliance and deputy chief engineer of metallurgical Planning Institute; Lu Ning, Deputy Secretary General of the alliance and chief designer of metallurgical Planning Institute, visited STRONG TECHNOLOGY. Lu Hanming, chairman of STRONG TECHNOLOGY, Wang Guimao, deputy general manager, Liao Zhiyan, general manager of STRONG materials and other company leaders warmly received him in the conference room of the company building. The two sides had in-depth exchanges and discussions on the development status and trend of stainless steel and special alloy new material industry and the future development trend of enterprises.


This visit to alliance members, starting from technological innovation and development, provided professional services to alliance members and promoted the healthy and sustainable development of China's stainless steel and special alloy new material industry. The alliance will work with competent government departments, well-known experts in the industry, stainless steel production enterprises, processing enterprises, downstream industry associations and scientific research institutions to comprehensively promote the large-scale application of stainless steel in green buildings through policy interpretation, situation analysis, experience sharing and blocking point sorting.


photo | visit Guanglong manufacturing base of STRONG TECHNOLOGY


photo | 10000 ton stainless steel strip bright annealing production line



STRONG TECHNOLOGY is continuously investing in R & D, application, practice and improvement towards the green and intelligent metal material modified equipment, so as to grow together with users and create a better tomorrow.


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