On April 15, in the conference room of the headquarters of Guangdong yizhimi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., Zhen Ronghui, managing director of yizhimi, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Lu Hanming, chairman of STRONG TECHNOLOGY. Shi Jian, director of strategic procurement and supply chain construction of yizhimi, Dong Xiaohong, general manager of STRONG TECHNOLOGY , Liang hang, deputy general manager, Wang guimao, deputy general manager, and Jian Mei, Secretary General of Shunde machinery chamber of Commerce attended the signing ceremony.



Adhering to the purpose of "resource sharing, strategic cooperation and mutual benefit", the two sides work together to give full play to the resources and advantages of their respective fields, strengthen the construction and exploration in materials, machining, heat treatment and surface treatment, and carry out technical cooperation in product heat treatment to promote the sharing of heat treatment resources.


STRONG TECHNOLOGY is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development of new materials such as high-end heat treatment, intelligent equipment manufacturing and high-end die steel. It is "vice president unit of China Heat Treatment Industry Association", "vice director unit of national Heat Treatment Standardization Technical Committee" and "executive director unit of China Heat Treatment Society". The company has established many R & D platforms, such as "Shichuang heat treatment and surface engineering technology center of national heat treatment society", "Foshan pan Jiansheng academician studio", "Guangdong material heat treatment and surface strengthening engineering technology research center". Shichuang science and technology cooperation enterprises are all over the world, with the intention of creating a one-stop material heat treatment service platform to provide customers with one-stop services for new materials, new processes and new equipment.


It is reported that yizhimi includes Guangdong yizhimi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., Guangdong yizhimi precision injection technology Co., Ltd., Foshan yizhimi Precision Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd., Guangdong yizhimi high speed packaging system Co., Ltd., yizhimi robot automation technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd Guangdong yizhimi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., such as yizhimi precision machinery (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., was founded in 2002. Based on Guangdong, China, looking at global development and focusing on the manufacturing field of molding equipment, it is an equipment supplier integrating design, R & D, production, sales and service.


This strategic cooperation will accelerate the progress of basic resource sharing, truly realize a new situation of joint construction, sharing and win-win between the two sides, and comprehensively promote the rapid implementation of the objectives of the 14th five year plan.



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