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Fully automatic intelligent heat treatment line

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Fully automatic intelligent heat treatment line (including controllable atmosphere nitriding / nitrocarburizing intelligent simulation system), which is divided into mult-purpose chamber furnace line (performance temperature 950 ) and chamber nitriding furnace line (performance temperature 750 ).


Material: shell: low carbon steel, heat-resistant steel, carbon steel


Features: fully automatic, precision controlled atmosphere nitriding, nitrocarburizing, intelligent simulation system


Advantages: fully automatic production system; Comprehensive functions; Automation, intelligence and informatization




1. Introduce nitriding and nitrocarburizing process simulation software.


2. Filter system shall be added to carburizing and quenching oil tank.


3. Adopt automatic two-way manipulator.


4. Add central control system, to automatically collect and monitor the information of all heat treatment equipment, to realize unattended production line.

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