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Carburizing furnace for metal heat treatment

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Carburizing furnace for metal heat treatment


Equipment composition: The heat treatment production line consists of two sets of Bell-type furnace (1100℃), one set of Argon cooled tank (ArB), one set of Manipulator, Storage table, Electrical control system, gas control system, computer control management system and circulating water cooling device.


Process: mainly including loading, conveying, closing furnace door, exhaust, heating, heat preservation, cooling, unloading, etc.


The furnace can be heated according to the required heating rate, and the process of step heating, step cooling and furnace cooling can be realized.


Purpose of equipment:


It is suitable for high temperature and medium temperature heat treatment of workpieces in protective atmosphere (argon)


1. Protective atmosphere (argon) heating and heat preservation;


2. Cooling with furnace or step cooling


3. Argon cooling;


Equipment parameters:


1. Effective heating zone: 400x400x700H;


2. Maximum loading capacity: 150kg;


3. Maximum temperature: 1150 ℃;


4. Instrument recording accuracy: ± 1 ℃;


5. Furnace temperature uniformity: ≤± 5 ℃;


6. Quenching transfer time: ≤ 15s

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