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Product name

Pre-vacuum Pit Type Aluminizing Furnace

Product description

Pre-vacuum Pit Type Aluminizing Furnace


Characteristic: applicable to Aluminizing and traceability process of workpiece


Advantage: computer integrated control


Performance: (1) temperature: 1100 ℃ (2) material: shell: low carbon steel; Bell: 310S




Specification: SJ-609/612/712


(can be customized according to the customer's specifications)


Nitriding furnace. It is mainly used for gas nitriding of various steel mechanical parts, automobile gears, brake disc, 5G line moulds, etc.


Furnace temperature control intelligent instrument, control the heating temperature of equipment, nitrogen potential control operation, constant temperature and other processes.




1. High premeability, high surface hardness, small friction coefficient and low brittleness.


2. The uniformity of atmosphere and temperature is good. The hot air can circulate in the furnace effectively, improve the uniformity of atmosphere and temperature, and ensure the consistency of product quality.


3. In the furnace structure and electrical control, the most advanced automatic control technology is used, which can automatically detect the infiltration layer and automatically control the depth of nitrogen potential. Its high-quality products and low energy consumption indicators bring obvious economic benefits to users.



4. The furnace can be designed and manufactured according to the customer's drawings.

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