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Vacuum hydrocarbon washing machine

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High end precision parts vacuum cleaning equipment


Features of vacuum hydrocarbon washing dryer machine system:


1. During vacuum cleaning, the air between blind holes, slits and parts can be sucked out in vacuum state, so that the cleaning liquid can easily enter these parts, so as to achieve the purpose of complete cleaning


2. The clear liquid can be heated to above 70 ℃, and the residual liquid on the surface of the workpiece can be quickly removed by hot water.


3. Each cleaning tank is continuously supplemented with clean cleaning solution, and the cleaning quality is stable and reliable


4. Dry completely in vacuum state, high efficiency


5. Meet the requirements of oil-water separation device and environmental protection.


6. Equipped with necessary safety measures, safe and reliable operation of the whole machine


7. All electric parts and pipelines are grounded to prevent electric leakage and static electricity from generating sparks


Advantage: Compared with the traditional washing machine, this vacuum hydrocarbon washing machine is cleaner.


Performance: water temperature: 80 ℃; material: shell: 304 stainless steel




Specification: LV3-400/800/1500

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