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Product name

Bright annealing line for horizontal looper

Product description

Bright annealing line for horizontal looper

Application: For continuous bright annealing of stainless steel strip, common steel, alloy steel, spring steel and copper.

Belt thickness: 0.1 ~ 3mm

Band width: 250 ~ 1450mm

Liquefied Natural gas (LNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and diesel oil can be selected as the main heating mode of the furnace.


Composition:The bright annealing line for stainless steel strip is composed of inlet section, inlet looper section, degreasing section, process section, outlet looper section and outlet section.

 It adopts automatic control to form ultra-high integration and precision control production line, and realizes technical integration and innovation of continuous production line for stainless steel cold rolled strip.


Characteristic: high heating speed, low energy consumption, low cost, safety and reliability, high degree of automation and customization.


Scope of application:It is widely used in metallurgy, special steel and precision strip industry.


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