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Vacuum Multi-Arc Ion Plating Coating Machine (PVD)

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STRONG TECHNOLOGY,with more than ten years of in-depth cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University, South China University of technology and Guangdong University of technology, which has established R & D platforms:




·Academician Pan Jiansheng Studio of Foshan


·Foshan Metal Research and Development Center for Heat Treatment and Surface Strengthening Engineering Technology


Technical advantages:


·Structure innovation of coating system


·Intelligent technology development of coating system and pre-treatment equipment;


·Development of new electromagnetic system;


·Ion beam assisted deposition technology;


·Modification technology of rare earth coating materials;


·Composite coating preparation technology;


·Low temperature deposition technology;


The existing technology has been adopted by the blade coating of Wuxi SASAC. Our company provides vacuum Multi-Arc Ion Plating Technology and Multi-Arc Ion Plating Vacuum Equipment, which has been put into production.


Order number: 0757-23322638

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