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Product name

Intelligent flexible heat treatment centre

Product description

Advantages: there are many types of spare parts and small batch sizes, which require heat treatment by a flexible heat treatment process. The flexible heat treatment production line designed and equipped according to the performance requirements of the heat-treated parts can flexibly select various heat treatment processes such as quenching (oil quenching, water quenching), tempering, hardening, annealing, carburizing, etc. And use the computer integrated control management system to realize robot automatic loading and unloading, automatic execution and online monitoring of heat treatment process parameters, real-time control and remote monitoring and intelligent arrangement of load production. The verification test results show that the flexible heat treatment production line meets the design requirements.


Performance: temperature: 1050 ℃ ~ 1150 ℃


Material: shell: low carbon steel; Bell: 310S




Specification: SP50;SP80;SP150;SP300;SP500;SP800;SP1000;SP1500



Features: there are many kinds of parts, which need to be heat treated by flexible heat treatment process.

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