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Application of heat treatment for automotive parts

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In the production of mechanical equipment, there are many kinds of spare parts and different working conditions, and the technical requirements are not consistent. Because of the strong applicability of the process of the Bell-type furnace line, it completes the heat treatment process of the parts with small production volume, more varieties and various processes. Coupled with its modular design concept, users can be configured to expand according to requirements to meet production needs.



After years of operation and development, the Bell-Type Furnace of GUANGDONG STRONG TECHNOLOGY has mature technology and stable production. It adopts the fully automatic control system imported from Switzerland and the high-quality key parts of international brands. The Bell-Type Furnace adopts the structure that furnace and quenching tank are designed separately, which can be equipped with quenching tanks of various quenching media (oil, nitrate, water agent, etc.) according to production needs, which is conducive to future expansion. At the same time, the atmosphere of the Bell-Type Furnace is fast conversion, precise, controllable and even, which is suitable for the flexible production of many kinds of precision parts with high requirements. Now the maximum loading capacity can reach 1500kg.


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