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Application of heat treatment for fine parts

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Bell-type furnace adopts the split structure of furnace and tank, and vertical axial design. The quenching transfer time is short, the temperature atmosphere is converted quickly,

and the oxidative decarburization is not performed, and the less distortion heat treatment can be realized-through the computer simulation design of the atmosphere.


Without oxidation and decarburization, less distortion heat treatment can be realized. Through the computer simulation design of atmosphere hydrodynamics in the furnace, the structure of circulation system in the furnace is constantly improved, the short circuit of air flow is reduced, the temperature and atmosphere uniformity in the furnace are improved, the qualified rate of products is greatly improved, and the quality of products is in good consistency.



Structural characteristics of Bell-type furnace


The furnace consists of quenching tank, heating furnace and control system.


The quenching tank is separated from the furnace in structure. The heating furnace only contacts with the quenching tank during quenching. All mechanical devices can be adjusted, calibrated and maintained from the outside without stopping production.


The heating furnace can move left and right. The design is based on the axial principle to ensure the uniformity of furnace temperature uniformity (± 3 ℃ ~ ± 5 ℃). The uniform distribution of atmosphere in the furnace (CP: ± 0.05), using all fiber lining, the temperature and atmosphere in the furnace change quickly. Less gas consumption.


High temperature and atmosphere control accuracy


Temperature control: furnace temperature control accuracy: ± 0.5 ℃ ~ ± 1 ℃; furnace temperature uniformity of loading (full load): ± 3 ℃ ~ ± 5 ℃


Carbon potential control accuracy / CP

Cp=0.4%C : ±0.05%C

Cp=0.8%C : ±0.05%C

Cp=1.2%C : ±0.05%C

Cp=1.4%C : ±0.05%C

Fast change of furnace temperature and atmosphere


For P500 furnace, the heating rate of no-load from room temperature to 950 ℃ and the heating rate of full load 500kg were measured. The test results show that the furnace temperature rises from room temperature to 950 ℃ under no-load condition for a time ≤ 2 h; and then recovers to 950 ℃ after loading a full load of 500kg for a time of only 58 min. Due to the unique design of furnace body, and remarkable energy saving, the tested furnace temperature is 950 ℃, and the surface temperature rise is ≤ 35 ℃.


The test of carbon potential conversion speed shows that for P500 furnace, it takes 7 minutes for carbon potential CP to rise from 0.45% C to 1.0% C at 880 ℃ in the condition of empty furnace, and 3 minutes for carbon potential CP to fall from 1.0% C to 0.45% C. At 950 ℃, it only takes 6 minutes for carbon potential CP to rise from 0.2% C to 1.2% C, and only 10 minutes for carbon potential CP to fall from 1.2% C to 0.2% C


The furnace gas atmosphere changes quickly.


Modular design, can add furnace, quenching tank or other peripheral equipment at any time according to production needs. It can be customized according to customer requirements.

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