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Coating equipment for cutting tools

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Coating equipment for cutting tools


STRONG coating: hard film coating: applied to mould tools and parts


Application: it can prepare many kinds of composite coatings, suitable for coating processing of cutting tools and precision mould


Special coating equipment for superhard tool mould: the cutting tools made of high-speed steel and hard alloy can improve the surface hardness and self lubrication of the tools after coating, reduce the phenomenon of tool sticking, greatly improve the tool life, and reduce the processing cost. After coating, the mould also has the effect of improving its life.


It is widely used in automobile, machine tool, chemical industry, hardware tools, medical devices, standard parts manufacturing and other fields. After the tool (cutter) is coated, the service life can be increased by 3-10 times, and the cutting efficiency can be increased by more than 30%. After coating, the service life of the mould can be increased 5-10 times and the friction force can be reduced. after PVD coating, the hardness can reach 3600hv.


We can design all kinds of vacuum coating machines according to customers' requirements. The vacuum unit and electric control system can also be designed and configured according to the user's requirements.


Performance: (1) temperature: 500 ℃; (2) material: shell: stainless steel


Specification: SC-01;SC-02;SC-03


Structure: Vacuum coating machine



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