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Product name

Vertical continuous bright annealing line (VBAL)

Product description
Vertical continuous bright annealing line (VBAL)
Properties: (1) temperature: 1170 ℃; (2) material: plain carbon steel, muffle: heat resistant steel
(1) Steel strip thickness: 0.02mm ~ 0.05mm;
(2) Mesh belt width: 400 ~ 1250mm
(3) Maximum output: 100 T / day
Process: Vertical continuous bright annealing for cold rolled steel coil strip
Features: suitable for ultra-thin, ultra precision, scratch free precision strip
Advantages: 1. Ultra thin; 2. Flat plate, not easy to crack; 3. Small annealing deformation of stainless steel strip,
The vertical stainless steel strip has small annealing deformation, which is used in medical treatment, food packaging;
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