The core component of Bright annealing, this is the finest!

Thanks to greatly support, we have finished the process of the core component of so valuable annealing furnace as scheduled according to your high quality requirements. We from purchase alloy raw materials - Inspection - Cutting - Bending - Welding – Leakage check - Pressure measurement, a complete set of processing techniques, combined with fine craftsmanship, to create a high-quality Muffle. The high temperature resistant alloy muffle has a service life of 3 to 5 times longer than that of the ordinary 310 Muffle, which greatly economize the use costs, this production is an ultra-wide 1600MM alloy muffle. Customers for the production of high-end precision stainless steel strips annealing, to ensure product quality, and purchase high-end alloy steel sheets to guarantee service life, and economize costs indirectly. STRONG produced! Must be a good product!

Adopt new design concept, it is more energy-saving and efficient!

【51 Stainless Steel】On August 13th, Shandong Hongwang 1# bright annealing production line was officially put into operation on August 7th, this means that Shandong Hongwang has fully equipped the production capacity of the whole process cold rolling narrow strip. It is understood that Shandong Hongwang 1# bright annealing production line has a daily production narrow strip of 100 tons. The entire line is designed, supplied, installed and commissioned by Guangdong Strong Metal Technology Co., Ltd. The new design concept, ultra-long heating furnace, using new-type combustion system, thermal energy recycling, as well as energy consumption hit a new low in the industry. According to 51 Nets understand, last Friday, Shandong Hongwang officially launched the production of the stainless steel pipe materials, and the new products have been processed. At present, its 850 narrow strip pipe material, mainly in 201BAJ3、201BAJ1、304BA, has been fully received orders. There are sources said that the current steel factory already have some parts of stock, mainly in J1BA and J3BA steel grades with a width of 510-620. The thickness of J1/BA is concentrated at 0.38, 0.45, 0.48 and 0.58. The thickness of J3/BA is concentrated at 0.88, 1.08, 1.35. The weight of the coil is mainly concentrated in more than 4 tons for the time being. According to today (August 13th) quote: 201 material 2B base price is 8900 RMB / ton, the Ex-works of BA base price is 8600 RMB / ton; 304 material 2B base price is 15500 RMB / ton, the Ex-works of BA base price is 15300 RMB / ton. Since BA is Ex-works price,so the price difference with 2B is not large, and customers think that the attractiveness of new products also have to consider the price tolerance.

STRONG Technology promotes standards for stainless steel decorative materials

Stainless steel decorative panels are widely used as the mainstream building decoration materials in the future. There are many stainless steel decorative materials products companies in Guangdong Province, the standards of various enterprises are different, the classification and code, technical requirements, test methods and quality certificates are uneven. It was proposed and centralized by Guangdong Province Stainless Steel Materials and Products Association. STRONG Technology concentrated on material heat treatment over 30 years, which have actively participated in the drafting and formulation of the standard. On the morning of June 21th, a three-group standard publicity conference for stainless steel decorative pipes · decorative plates · water pipes, and the fifth Guangdong stainless steel manufacturing brand · quality star creation public welfare activities launching ceremony were held in Foshan. Chang Yumin, senior engineer of STRONG Technology, who is the drafter of stainless steel standards for decoration, at the meeting, advertise and explain the standard points; Mr. Wang Guimao took the stage to receive the plaque of the group standard drafting unit of "decorative stainless steel plate"; This standard setting is of great significance. It will be attended by the leaders of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, the Guangdong Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, and the Foshan Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau. Enterprises that have established relevant standards; Mainstream media: Xinhua News Agency, Xinhuanet, People's Daily, Nanfang Daily, Guangdong Radio and Television, Yangcheng Evening News, Foshan Daily, Private Economic News, and other central, provincial and municipal media reporters.

Progress in research on high temperature anti-oxidation behavior and mechanism of new-type high temperature-resistant stainless

[Guangdong Province Stainless Steel Materials and Products Association], according to the news of Northeastern University, recently, State Key Laboratory of rolling technology and continuous rolling automation of Northeastern University, and professor Chen Liqing and others at the 2011 Collaborative Innovation Center for Iron and Steel Technology have launched a new study, to deeply explore the effects of element W and rare earth Ce on the high temperature oxidation resistance of new-type medium chromium ferrite stainless steel and its mechanism. They designed a series of type 444 ferritic stainless steels with different W and Ce contents, and studied the oxidation resistance at high temperature. The micro-analytical methods were used to characterize the oxidation products and precipitates at the interface/matrix. The study found that adding rare earth element Ce or adding a certain amount of W at the same time, can significantly reduce the oxidation reaction rate of ferritic stainless steel at high temperature, and the formed oxide film is more uniform and dense, and has good adhesion, the number of defects at the oxide film/substrate interface is significantly reduced. Different addition amount of W has different effects on high temperature oxidation resistance; adding Ce or adding Ce and W at the same time can reduce the solid solution content of (Fe,Cr,Si)2(Nb,Mo) Laves phase at 1000-1050℃. The Laves phase precipitates in the grains or at the grain boundaries can effectively inhibit the diffusion of the reaction elements. In addition, the Laves phase precipitated at the oxide film/substrate interface, has an important influence on the growth behavior and the spalling mechanism of the oxide film, and a large amount of precipitation of the Laves phase causes peeling of the oxide film. Ferritic stainless steel is favored by researchers and the industry because of its good formability, excellent stress corrosion resistance, high temperature oxidation resistance and low cost.And ferritic stainless steel has suitable thermal conductivity and thermal expansion coefficient, which is suitable for applications in heat exchange and thermal cycling; These advantages make ferritic stainless steel become the best candidate material for the preparation of solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) connectors and automotive exhaust manifolds. At present, the operating temperature of the traditional ferritic stainless steel used to manufacture automobile exhaust manifold is about 900℃, However, in order to meet environmental requirements, meet increasingly stringent vehicle exhaust emission standards, and consider the temperature rise after full combustion of gasoline, the local operating temperature of the vehicle exhaust manifold will reach 950–1050℃, or even as high as 1100℃.In order to adapt to the use of the hot end of the new generation of automobile exhaust system in such a high temperature environment, it is necessary to further understand the high temperature service and degradation behavior of the new ferritic stainless steel on the basis of understanding the alloying mechanism for alloy design. It has been shown that the thermo-mechanical fatigue properties of ferritic stainless steel can be improved by adding alloying element W, but the effect of W on the high temperature oxidation resistance of ferritic stainless steel is less studied. In addition, the addition of rare earth elements is also expected to improve the high temperature oxidation resistance and hot corrosion resistance of ferritic stainless steel materials. However, to date, the proper addition amount of alloying elements and its mechanism of action are still unclear. In particular, the synergistic effect of high melting point alloying element W and rare earth Ce on the high temperature oxidation resistance of ferritic stainless steel needs further exploration. A deep understanding of the high temperature oxidation resistance behavior and mechanism of multi-alloyed high temperature resistant ferritic stainless steel will play an important role in the design and application of new-type high temperature resistant ferritic stainless steel. It is reported that the results of the study were titled "High temperature oxidation behavior of ferritic stainless steel containing W and Ce" on July 17, 2018, published online in the internationally renowned journal "Corrosion Science" (5-year impact factor is 5.238). The first author of the article is Dr. Wei Liangliang, and Professor Chen Liqing, who is the author of the newsletter. The research work was funded by the National Natural Science Foundation Committee-China Baowu Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., a key project of the Steel Joint Research Fund (U1660205).

Shunde leader of science and technology: Wang Guimao! Break the technological monopoly of European and American companies!

“We take heat treatment technology as the core. As a core process in our machinery manufacturing industry, we will definitely conduct in-depth research in this profession to provide better products for this society. We hope to continue to lead the development of this industry in terms of stainless steel and heat treatment.”

STRONG supports the 25th Congress of International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering, which was successfully held in Xi'an.

STRONG supports the 25th Congress of International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering, which was successfully held in Xi'an. On September 12th, the weather in Xi'an was exceptionally sunny, and the 25th Congress of International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering was held at the Qujiang International Conference Center. Zhou Yu, Academician of China Engineering Academy, Chairman of Heat Treatment Branch of China Mechanical Engineering Society, President of Harbin Institute of Technology; And Scott Macken, President of the International Federation for Heat Treatment and surface engineering, delivered a speech.Li Helin, Zhao Zhenye, Wang Huaming, Pan Fusheng, Academicians of the two academies; Qiang Xiaoan, vice-mayor, attended.Xu Kewei, former chairman of the International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering, director of the Xi'an Municipal Advisory Committee, chaired.Nearly 1,000 experts, scholars and industry representatives from home and abroad participated.Congress of International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering (IFHTSE) is one of the highest level scientific and technological conferences in the field of international heat treatment and surface engineering, and has a wide international influence. SOLO Swiss SA and STRONG Technology, as specialized enterprises are mainly engaged in heat treatment of materials, and are committed to technological innovation, and support the Congress of International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering to proceed smoothly.

One of the ingenuity of STRONG Technology - international 1350mm wide plate continuous horizontal bright annealing line successf

One of the ingenuity of STRONG Technology - international 1350mm wide plate continuous horizontal bright annealing line successfully put into operation in Fuzhou Haili STRONG Technology upgraded 100,000-tons 1350mm stainless steel cold-rolled strip continuous horizontal bright annealing line, successfully put into operation in Fuzhou, Jiangxi Province on November 23th, 2018. This project is following September 2017, after STRONG Technology successfully built the first 100,000-tons stainless steel cold-rolled horizontal bright annealing line for Fujian Haili, another 100,000-tons horizontal bright annealing line for the upgrade of Haili Group. Fuzhou Haili is a large-scale professional stainless steel production company invested by Guangdong Changhua Haili Group in Fuzhou High-tech Zone, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province. The project covers an area of 126 acres with a total investment about 410 million RMB and an annual output value of 4.2 billion RMB . The production line can retreat maximum 1350mm stainless steel strip, the thickness range is 0.25-2.0mm, equipped with on-line degreasing, inlet loopers and outlet loopers, which can realize the bright continuous annealing processing capability of stainless steel with a daily output of over 300 tons. The production line adopts STRONG's original create of three-stage ultra-long process section. The furnace boldly activates STRONG Technology's patented composite corrugated muffle structure, selects imported high-temperature nickel-based material to manufacture muffle, and configures new safety linkage combustion system, natural gas heating, thermal energy recycling; The hydrogen recovery system is configured, and the decomposition gas is recycled, so that the production capacity is increased by about 30% compared with the ordinary production line. The energy consumption per ton of steel is significantly lower than the industry index and reaches the world advanced level. The cold rolling mill adopts the 20-roll precision rolling mill tailored by the Yongjin Science and Technology Research Institute. The control system adopts the Siemens S7-400 series (including AGC automatic thickness control and AFC automatic plate type control), in terms of design and manufacture. Both have reached the international advanced level. It is mainly suitable for the production of 304BA/2BA products. Yongjin Science and Technology is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel precision strips in China. It has very rich experience in the rolling of stainless steel strips. The 20-roll precision rolling mill is built by the Yongjin Science and Technology Research Institute, which represents a world-class advanced level. Yongjin Science and Technology is also one of the important customers of STRONG, and STRONG Technology is one of the mainly suppliers of bright annealing lines for its precision cold-rolled strip mills. Pursuing high quality, large output, energy saving and consumption reduction is always the common demand of large customers in the stainless steel industry. STRONG team has long-term devoted itself to the core components of the furnace process section, from material selection, manufacturing process, to equipment manufacturing, and the whole process of group ring control, ingenuity to build. After years of hard work, we finally broke through the technical barriers of the industry and successfully solved the embarrassing situation that Chinese enterprises have long-term been relying on import procurement and service on the core components of the muffle. In addition to providing high-quality annealing lines and core muffle accessories for major stainless steel companies at home and abroad, at present, STRONG technology has become a high-end precision stainless steel strip mill at home and abroad, providing high-temperature nickel-based materials for the replacement of high-end services for muffle. Advanced manufacturing, equipment wins, increase production capacity, optimize portfolio, reduce costs, and promote development! STRONG Technology wishes Haili a happy birthday! STRONG Technology supports Haili develop rapidly!

STRONG Technology won the “2017 Guangdong Stainless Steel Manufacturing Brand • Excellent Quality Star (Accessory classes)”

On the morning of November 20th, Guangdong Stainless Steel Materials and Products Association held the awarding ceremony of “2017 Guangdong Stainless Steel Manufacturing Brand • Quality Star” at Crowne Plaza Foshan. Lin Zezhen, full-time executive chairman of the Guangdong Stainless Steel Materials and Products Association, presided over the awarding ceremony. The meeting was attended by Economic Department of the United Front Work Department of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, Guangdong Provincial Social Organization Association, Foshan CCPIT, Foshan City Federation of Industry and Commerce, Foshan Quality and Technical Standards Supervision and Coding Institute, Foshan Chancheng Economic and Technological Promotion Bureau , Nearly 130 representatives from mainstream media such as Guangdong TV Station, Foshan Daily and Private Economic Newspaper. STRONG Technology actively responds to the initiative put forward by the Guangdong Stainless Steel Materials and Products Association: the development concept of “brand with the market as the core”, to practice innovation, and do a good job of quality brand building. At the same time, actively promote the industry that transfer from "price competition" to the " quality competition, brand competition, standard competition, integrity competition ", and work together to "stain stainless steel products! Guangdong quality" regional brands more and more bright! While pursuing first-class quality, STRONG Technology attaches great importance to the pursuit of first-class management, strictly manages with quality as the center, and makes great efforts to strengthen the scientific management system with quality as the main line.At the same time of adding advanced processing equipment, we will adopt advanced management methods and management standards, and actively implement quality management systems. The management method is continuously improving and innovating. Focusing on basic management and on-site management, the network technology, comprehensive quality management, system engineering and value engineering are introduced into enterprise management, so that brand-name products are in advanced all-round optimization management. Good benefits come from scientific management. After more than ten years of continuous exploration and improvement, STRONG Technology has formed a scientific and rational management method that conforms to the characteristics of the company, forming a benign operation mechanism within the enterprise, and creating a highly qualified workforce. For many years, STRONG Technology has always placed management at the forefront, and constantly innovated and created many equipment products that are deeply satisfied by users. The requirements of customers are our pursuit.

STRONG Technology - Heat Treatment and Application Technology of High-end Die Casting Mould

On December 13th, 2018, Daye Special Steel combine with Shenzhen Mould Technology Association, held the application technology Seminar of Daye Special Steel Die Steel in Foshan Intercontinental Hotel. The conference was hosted by Daye Special Steel Co., Ltd., assisted by Guangdong Strong Metal Technology Co., Ltd., and STRONG was also the general agent of Daye High-end Die Steel in South China. The participating units include Guangdong Wencan Mould Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Hongtu Technology Co., Ltd., and more than 70 well-known mold manufacturers in South China. Daye Special Steel is one of the largest special steel producers in production, and the tool and Die steel products have been recognized by large domestic and foreign enterprises. Daye Special Steel's high-end die-casting mould steel combined with STRONG Technology's heat treatment, its material organization is uniform, high purity, good isotropic performance, high toughness, etc., deeply loved by users. Mr. Liang Hang, the deputy general manager of STRONG Technology, focused on heat treatment of materials for nearly 30 years. He shared his expertise with the mold manufacturing unit of South China in the high-end die-casting mould steel of Daye Special Steel. The meeting was a small professional meeting with strong professionalism. The participants were much more than expected, and the small conference room was packed. Many mold manufacturers carefully listened to the mold professional report, unraveled the confusion of heat treatment in the production process, and improved the importance of using mold materials and heat treatment. Mr. Zhang Yongqiang, Director of the Special Metallurgical Forging Research Institute, and Engineer as well as Director of Die Steel Research Office of Daye Special Steel Co., Ltd, introduced die casting die steel. South China University of Technology, National Metal Materials Near Net Forming Technology Research Center; Mr. Zhao Haidong, Deputy General Manager of Foshan Nanhai Ben Mould Co., Ltd., made a wonderful analysis report on the corrosion causes of low-pressure casting aluminum alloy wheel molds. Lu Hanming, Chairman of STRONG Technology; and Dong Xiaohong, General Manager of STRONG Technology, were invited to special guest. Made by Special steel Daye, Served coming from STRONG!
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