Warmly celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the National Heat Treatment Society

This conference is guided by the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering, hosted by the Heat Treatment Branch of the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering, and co hosted by Hefei University of Technology, Beijing Research Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Technology Co., Ltd CAM, Henan Academy of Sciences, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Henan University of Science and Technology, Guangdong Strong Metal Technology Co., Ltd.

Strong Technology Participated in the Summit Forum on Advanced Lightweight Materials and Intelligent Equipment

Strong Technology has been focusing on material heat treatment for 30 years, building smart factories, producing high-end heat treatment intelligent equipment and lightweight new materials, researching and producing heat treatment intelligent equipment, metal material processing and heat treatment processing, industrial robots and automation technology, and intelligent manufacturing system integration, creating a green, intelligent, and flexible service-oriented manufacturing enterprise, and supporting the high-quality development of the material heat treatment industry.

China Iron and Steel Association expected in the second half of the year steel exports or pressure fall imports continue to remain low

According to the China Iron and Steel Industry Association on July 27 news, in the first half of the year, China's steel import and export market showed a significant increase in exports and a sharp decline in imports, of which the export end showed a large increase in exports of most varieties and most regions, and the import end showed a large decline in imports of most varieties and major regions. The characteristics of the import and export market are closely related to the phased development of the steel market at home and abroad.

2023 Development prospects of China's heat treatment industry; development trend analysis of heat treatment industry

Heat treatment is one of the important basic processes of equipment manufacturing, is to improve the performance and reliability of mechanical and electrical products, extend the service life, improve the market competitiveness of the core technology, is the metal parts manufacturing process consumes more energy and indispensable key processes, but also an important process technology for equipment manufacturing energy saving.

What is PVD coating machine

PVD coating and PVD coating machine-PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating technology is mainly divided into three categories: vacuum evaporation coating, vacuum sputtering coating and vacuum ion coating. Corresponding to the three categories of PVD technology, the corresponding vacuum coating equipment includes vacuum evaporation coating machine, vacuum sputtering coating machine and vacuum ion coating machine. In the past ten years, the development of vacuum ion plating technology is the fastest, and it has become one of the most advanced surface treatment methods. The PVD coating we usually refer to is vacuum ion coating; The PVD coating machine is usually referred to as the vacuum ion coating machine.

Strong Technology - Shunde and Jiangmen Base Simultaneously Hold 2023 Mid year Summary Conference

The Metal Products Business division has fully settled in the Jiangmen Intelligent Factory, with spacious and bright factories, neat and uniform equipment and material placement, effectively improving the efficiency of metal processing. High end hot work mould steel, die-casting mould steel pins, and large metal products have begun to take shape.

Seize opportunities, actively prepare to seize opportunities and become successful

General Manager Dong Xiaohong introduced the development of Strong Technology from a heat treatment processing plant to intelligent heat treatment equipment manufacturing, robot, research and development of new materials, construction of digital chemical plants, intelligent warehousing, intelligent workshop integration systems, etc. Its products are applied in aviation, aerospace, weapons, engineering machinery, automobiles, 48K large tow carbon fiber, hand torn steel and stainless steel materials, etc. Through continuous learning, improvement, and introduction of international high-tech talents in the process of practice, comprehensive development has been steadily guaranteed.

STRONG TECHNOLOGY - Jiangmen Factory (Jiangmen Strong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.)

The construction of Jiangmen Strong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has been a major focus of Strong Technology in recent years, producing high-end heat treatment intelligent equipment and a new type of intelligent production base for the industrialization of new materials. It mainly engages in the research and development of heat treatment intelligent equipment, metal material processing and heat treatment processing, industrial robots and automation technology, intelligent manufacturing system integration.

Chairman of HXF SAW CO., LTD., a leading enterprise in the Chinese sawing industry, and his delegation visited STRONG TECHNOLOGY

The product requires quenching and tempering structure (performance) to meet the requirements, surface brightness, good flatness (up to 1/1000), high yield ratio, and small hardness deviation.
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