Let's see what Strong Technology has done in 2022?


2022 epidemic risk control

To full opening

Coexisting with the epidemic

Reconciliation with the world

To be honest, it's not easy for everyone

See what Strong Technology has achieved?


Ultra-wide and high temperature nickel alloy muffle delivered for use in national key projects

Indonesia vertical precision strip bright annealing production line project was put into operation

Wuzhou Jinhai high-quality stainless steel pipe annealing line was put into operation

Beigang new material stainless steel strip horizontal loop bright  line

The degreasing and cleaning line of Baoti titanium alloy was put into operation

Strong Technology Mid-year Conference was successfully held

Release of simulation system for controlled atmosphere nitriding and carbonitriding

Jiangmen Strong Technology Intelligent Factory capped

Participate in International Heat Treatment Exhibition

Yizumi and Strong Technology deeply develop mechanical metal materials

Zhongjin Lingnan composite material production line

Heat treatment workshop solution - AGV forklift put into use

Solve the technical problems of stainless steel foil of Shengyi Technology


Strong Technology people overcome all difficulties

march forward courageously

Create more miracles

We believe that the future will be better!


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