The first 5-foot BA horizontal annealing continuous line in China successfully produced the first coil of steel


On May 11th, Fujian Hongwang's Phase II expansion project (Phase I) produced the first coil of steel on the 5-foot BA horizontal annealing continuous line.

This advanced strip production line is the crystallization of the intelligence and technology specially customized and developed by Strong Technology for Fujian Hongwang. It has brought new breakthroughs to the field of material processing with its exquisite craftsmanship and efficient operation mode. Through the key process of bright annealing, 430 stainless steel material can be endowed with unparalleled surface quality and performance.

Having the following characteristics:

1: This production line is a domestic processing line with a width of 5 feet.

2: For material thickness of 0.5-3.0MM

3: Adopting a combination of front and rear degreasing and cleaning units

4: Adopting a new form of real-time flow control, the energy consumption per ton of steel is 15% more energy-saving than traditional combustion systems.

5: The cooling capacity of the new form of cooling mechanism has increased by 20% compared to the previous form, and the deviation in cooling uniformity is less than 0.3%

6: Intelligent control system, achieving fully automatic operation of the production line, reducing the workload and technical requirements of operators.

7: Production increased by 20% compared to traditional production lines of the same type

During the production process, it exhibits extremely high accuracy and stability. Every step is carefully designed and strictly controlled to ensure that the product meets the optimal standards. Advanced control systems are like the brain of a production line, commanding the collaborative work of various parts, ensuring the continuity and efficiency of production.



The existence of continuous bright annealing production lines, not only improves the quality and added value of products, but also injects strong impetus into the development of related industries. It helps enterprises stand out in fierce market competition and meets the growing demand for high-quality products.

At the same time, it also represents the continuous progress of industry, inspiring people to continuously explore innovation and pursue more outstanding technology and processes. This production line has witnessed the magnificent transformation of countless materials and has become an important force driving industry progress.



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