Strong Technology and SOLO SWISS SA Join Hands to Embark on a New Journey


On April 9th, 2024 , Mr. Boillat, Mr. Salerno, Mr. Michel, the experts from SOLO SWISS SA, came visited Strong Technology, where Chairman Lu Hanming, General Manager Dong Xiaohong, Deputy General Manager Wang Guimao, and General Manager Lu Zejian of the Intelligent Equipment Business Unit warmly welcomed them at the Shunde Manufacturing Base.

Since 1924, SOLO SWISS SA has been continuously providing advanced industrial furnaces to the industry, from atmosphere furnaces and periodic furnaces to Bell-type furnace, continuous furnace, mesh belt furnace, etc. With a century of accumulation, this company has a unique technology and culture.

Salerno provided on-site guidance and exchanged opinions.

After visiting the two intelligent manufacturing bases of Strong Technology located in Shunde and Jiangmen, Mr. Salerno, an expert from SOLO, provided valuable feedback on Strong Technology's latest production of the P2500 Bell-type furnace.

After 20 years of technological accumulation and experience accumulation, Strong Technology has gone from the earliest P80 Bell-type furnace, to the P150, P500, P1000, P1500, and now the P2500 Bell-type furnace. It can be applied to various heat treatment processes, including carburization, quenching hardening, tempering, annealing, isothermal quenching, nitriding, brazing, carbon nitrogen co infiltration, sintering, nitrogen carbon co infiltration, oxygen nitriding, quenching cooling, soft nitriding, oxygen nitriding, deep cooling, etc. Strong Technology has overcome many technical difficulties.

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