Strong Technology -2024 New Journey


Walk through the charm of Foshan with your footsteps, experience Foshan culture, and convey the power of intelligent manufacturing. Let's go!

On March 23rd, the Strong Technology Union responded to the organization's call and participated in the picturesque Nanhai Line of "Beautiful Foshan, Moving Forward -2024 Foshan 50 Kilometer Hiking".

Strong Warriors enthusiastically participated in the event, holding high the Strong flag, waving their hands, shouting slogans, expressing support and love for the event, conveying an intangible power that motivates everyone to move forward.

This activity also tests our endurance, explores personal potential, and interprets a different spirit of strong in a different way. Although the activity has ended, the footsteps of exploration and innovation have never stopped. We will continue to shine in the field of material heat treatment.


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