Mr. Salerno, President of SOLO Swiss SA, Visits Strong Technology


On August 29th, 2023, Mr. Salerno, the new president of SOLO Swiss SA, and Michel, the sales director for the Asia Pacific region, visited Strong Technology. Strong Technology's chairman Lu Hanming, general manager Dong Xiaohong, deputy general manager Wang Guimao, deputy general manager Liang Hang, and general manager of the intelligent equipment business division Lu Zejian warmly received them in the conference room of the headquarters company building.

Since 1924, SOLO Swiss SA has provided advanced industrial furnaces for metal heat treatment. Its products include atmosphere furnace, periodic furnace, Bell-type furnace, continuous furnace, and mesh belt furnace, suitable for various heat treatment processes, including carburization, quenching hardening, tempering, annealing, isothermal quenching, nitriding, brazing, carbonitriding, sintering, nitrocarburization, oxygen nitriding, quenching cooling, soft nitriding, oxygen nitriding, deep cooling, etc.

After visiting the intelligent manufacturing bases in Guanglong and Jiangmen, Mr. Salerno, President of SOLO Swiss SA, stated that since 2002, his cooperation with Strong has had a greater promoting effect on SOLO, breaking through multiple technical barriers for Bell-type furnace, and having stronger adaptability in the Chinese market. In the future, he will strengthen the technical cooperation between Switzerland and Strong, and as a younger team of Strong, there will definitely be more room for imagination.

Michel has a strong interest in Strong's strip heat treatment production line

Wang Guimao, Vice General Manager of Strong Technology, introduces the intelligent warehousing system

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