TiN composite coating


TiN composite coating
Coating characteristics:
TiN (single layer)
Color: gold
Microhardness (HV): 2200HV
Friction coefficient: 0.55
Maximum application temperature: 850 ℃
Binding force: 85N
TiN (composite)
Color: gold
Microhardness (HV): 2600HV
Friction coefficient: 0.55
Maximum application temperature: 600 ℃
Binding force: > 100N
Multi alloying of coating, multi-layer composite coating, nano coating
Harder, stronger, better oxidation resistance, better film substrate bonding force, higher cutting speed, more choices for users.
PVD coating application:
Decorative coating PVD method can obtain metal carbide, oxide and nitride coating with different colors, and the coating has excellent surface gloss, which has good development prospects for surface decoration. At present, the most widely used is TiN imitation gold plating. The TiN coating is golden yellow. With the current technology, the color equivalent to 18-24K gold can be obtained. It can be used for imitation gold plating of watch case, which is beautiful and wear-resistant.
The wear-resistant coating TiN coating has high hardness, which can greatly improve the wear resistance and service life when applied to the surfaces of tools, tools, molds and wear-resistant parts.