Heat treatment of various hardware parts


Heat treatment of various hardware parts

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Heat treatment advantages of typical parts:

(1) Heat treatment of shaft parts: it requires sufficient stiffness, strength, fatigue resistance, wear resistance and precision stability.

(2) Heat treatment of gear: improving the metallurgical quality of materials and strengthening and toughening technology through heat treatment to improve the bending strength, contact fatigue strength and wear resistance of gear, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the life of gear.

(3) Heat treatment of the spring: it should have high fatigue strength and enough toughness and plasticity to prevent fatigue fracture and impact fracture of the spring.

(4) Heat treatment of rollers: post-forging heat treatment and tempering heat treatment, the main purposes are to prevent the formation of white spots, eliminate forging stress, refine grains and make the surface of rollers to obtain fine pearlite and soxite, to achieve the specified hardness and mechanical properties.

(5) Heat treatment of large forgings: under certain conditions, through reasonable heat treatment (post-forging heat treatment and final heat treatment) process can improve or enhance the inherent quality of forgings.

(6) Heat treatment of rolling bearing parts: rolling bearings are usually required to have high hardness, high wear resistance, high contact fatigue strength, high toughness, high strength and good dimensional stability. For rolling bearings working in special environments, they also need to have corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, antimagnetic resistance and other characteristics.

Applicable process: true air quenching; Precision carburizing, carburitriding (cyanidation); Gas, liquid nitriding, nitrogen carburizing (soft nitriding); Normalizing tempering annealing