Leaders of Industrial Furnace Society come to STRONG TECHNOLOGY to guide work


Yi Guang, president of Industrial Furnace Society, and his party visited STRONG TECHNOLOGY, and had extensive exchanges with Lu Hanming, chairman of STRONG TECHNOLOGY on the current situation and future development of industrial furnace industry. Li Gang, vice president of Ares, and Wang guimao, vice president of STRONG TECHNOLOGY organized a technical exchange meeting.


First of all, the meeting mainly introduced the market situation, market price and industry chain analysis of industrial furnaces, including service objects covering machinery, automobile, construction, medical treatment, navigation and other fields.


Through the comparison of various data, as well as the comparison of effect drawings, we can more intuitively understand the performance and price advantages of industrial furnace.


Through in-depth exchanges to understand the needs of the industry, in the communication link, we actively ask questions and express their opinions to each other; a more in-depth technical discussion is carried out for the equipment.


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