Lv Dongxian, secretary general of China Heat Treatment Industry Association, and his party visited STRONG TECHNOLOGY


On March 19, 2021, Lv Dongxian, secretary general of China Heat Treatment Industry Association, professor Wei xingzhao of South China University of technology, Chen Guiming, manager of Guangzhou Xinjiao heat treatment plant, Xia Guihua, manager of Foshan Huaxin Heat Treatment Technology Co., Ltd. and others came to the world creative technology to conduct research and guidance.

Accompanied by Dong Xiaohong, general manager of STRONG TECHNOLOGY, he went deep into the heat treatment workshop, Guanglong base, coating equipment workshop, robot research laboratory and other places to carry out all-round and in-depth investigation work in the form of on-the-spot investigation, General manager Dong introduced the development situation, development direction, production technology and production process of STRONG TECHNOLOGY in recent two years.


Leaders of China Heat Treatment Industry Association come to our company for inspection and guidance


Later, Mr. Dong carefully explained the development strategy of our company in the field of artificial intelligence, and then the two sides conducted in-depth technical exchanges and discussions.


General manager Dong said that there are some problems in the production process and technical difficulty of traditional factories, while robots can be free from interference in some difficult and high-intensity work and perform very well in all aspects. They can partially or completely replace workers' production, which is a great blessing for the heat treatment industry, It is also believed that intelligent manufacturing will be recognized and used by more and more enterprises, contributing to the green and intelligent development of China's heat treatment industry, and laying a good foundation for the upcoming Summit Forum on green and intelligent development of China's heat treatment industry.


robot operation

After the inspection, the leaders fully affirmed the production process and development direction of our company, and expressed great support and encouragement for the efforts of STRONG TECHNOLOGY in intelligent manufacturing.


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