Xiangshui has built a national 100 billion level stainless steel industrial base, and STRONG TECHNOLOGY has successfully settled in


Xiangshui County responds to the call of "coastal integration", strives to build a national 100 billion level stainless steel industrial base, adheres to the concept of technological innovation, and promotes the new pattern of high-quality development and sustainable prosperity of stainless steel industry around the goal of "100 billion level, whole chain and cluster type". Xiangshui intelligent stereoscopic shared warehouse is a higher requirement for the high-quality development of Xiangshui stainless steel industry.

The concept of industrial Internet is leading to drastic changes in stainless steel industry. The intelligent stereoscopic shared warehouse specially built by STRONG TECHNOLOGY for Xiangshui stainless steel industrial park is an interpretation of the integration of intelligent manufacturing into the stainless steel industry in response to the national new infrastructure, technological and industrial changes.

Xiangshui intelligent stereoscopic shared warehouse will create shared logistics in the park and unmanned distribution in intelligent factory, realize automatic and unmanned transmission in the production process of enterprises, and enable employees to focus on their work more efficiently.

The intelligent omni-directional AGV forklift is the world's first research and development of stainless steel ultra long pipe fittings, which can realize free steering in any direction and omnibearing of the intelligent omni-directional forklift, and realize intelligent access in narrow space.

In the future, the whole process development of stainless steel industry will realize automatic, intelligent and digital operation and management from raw materials, manufacturing, warehousing, testing, logistics and data information.

Xiangshui Intelligent public storage system will give full play to the advantages of the park platform, around the stainless steel shared industrial chain trading center, based on intelligent logistics and shared warehousing, optimize the supply of production materials, build a "public storage supervision" mode, and create a digital industrial park with financial security, intelligent sharing and government big data.

Taking new technology as the guidance and taking intellectualization and unmanned as the goal is the purpose of STRONG TECHNOLOGY.


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