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"Forum on Technological Innovation Alliance Across Mold Steel Industry and Enterprisess Technologies Fair" successfully held

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On October 27th, the "Forum on Technological Innovation Alliance Across Mold Steel Industry and Enterprisess Technologies Fair" sponsored by Dongguan Institute of material genetics advanced technology was successfully held in the sub venue of the 2020 annual academic conference. The organizers of this academic exchange invited more than 300 people from nearly 30 enterprises and institutions across the country, including SHENZHEN SILVER BASIS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, Shaoguan Zhongji Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Vision Tool & Mould, and Guangdong Strong Metal Technology Co., Ltd.

The successful holding of the conference provides a good platform for academic exchange and industrial cooperation for scholars in the field of advanced material manufacturing, and is highly praised by the participants.

Wonderful activities in the venue


This feast promoted the enterprise and institution mould research and development technology promotion. The success of the event deepened the efforts of the experts participating in the meeting to solve the common problems in the die and mould industry, help the die-casting mould steel industry to continuously improve the progress of production, teaching and research, and realize the industrial upgrading.


The atmosphere of academic experience sharing was active and enthusiastic


Liang hang, general manager of new materials division of STRONG TECHNOLOGY, shared the research experience and new research results of mould steel and heat treatment on site.

The main products are "cold work die steel and heat treatment", "die casting mould steel and heat treatment", "plastic mould steel and heat treatment". STRONG has concentrated on heat treatment process over 30 years and has served more than ten thousand enterprises. It has introduced SOLO Swiss intelligent heat treatment equipment,developed advanced metal materials, developed high-end die-casting mould steel, and achieved one-stop solution Solve the problem of mould processing.

Participants actively asked questions and discussed their own professional fields.

Liang hang, General manager of mould new materials of STRONG TECHNOLOGY, Sharing academic exchanges


Liang hang, general manager of mould new materials business division of STRONG TECHNOLOGY, led the excellent managers of Dongguan (East Bank of Pearl River) to attend the annual academic meeting.

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