Stainless steel industry- New development pattern of double cycle "8" shape


On October 30th, 2020 Western stainless steel industry conference was successfully held in Chengdu Xingchen international Hangdu hotel. About 300 experts and scholars from all over the country participated in the meeting.

2020 Western stainless steel industry conference

Hong changlan, chairman of Foshan metal materials industry association and director of Genius stainless steel group, delivered the opening speech, Luo Jihao, Acting Secretary General of Sichuan Chuanlian stainless steel industry chamber of Commerce, delivered a welcome speech, and Wang Dongzhi, assistant president of Sichuan fabricated building industry association, delivered a congratulatory speech. Focusing on the theme of "double cycle and new development", experts and scholars attending the meeting gave in-depth speeches on "double cycle and new development" on the current production capacity, layout and future development trend of stainless steel in China. The meeting proposed macro-economy, innovation and development, application and popularization, product characteristics, brand effect, equipment technology, investment promotion and other aspects, we are full of confidence in the development of stainless steel industry in Western China, and actively respond to the direction proposed by the state.

Winners list of 2020 Western stainless steel industry conference

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2020 Western stainless steel industry conference

The conference is intended to accelerate the formation of a new development pattern of stainless steel industry with domestic large cycle as the main body, and domestic and international dual cycle promoting each other. In order to strengthen the independent research and development of key core technologies and key components, and realize technological self-reliance and self-improvement, we should cultivate opportunities in the crisis, open a new situation in the changing situation, analyze environmental changes, and make the most scientific decisions.

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