One of the ingenuity of STRONG Technology - international 1350mm wide plate continuous horizontal bright annealing line successf


One of the ingenuity of STRONG Technology - international 1350mm wide plate continuous horizontal bright annealing line successfully put into operation in Fuzhou Haili


    STRONG Technology upgraded 100,000-tons 1350mm stainless steel cold-rolled strip continuous horizontal bright annealing line, successfully put into operation in Fuzhou, Jiangxi Province on November 23th, 2018. This project is following September 2017, after STRONG Technology successfully built the first 100,000-tons stainless steel cold-rolled horizontal bright annealing line for Fujian Haili, another 100,000-tons horizontal bright annealing line for the upgrade of Haili Group.

    Fuzhou Haili is a large-scale professional stainless steel production company invested by Guangdong Changhua Haili Group in Fuzhou High-tech Zone, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province. The project covers an area of 126 acres with a total investment about 410 million RMB and an annual output value of 4.2 billion RMB . 

    The production line can retreat maximum 1350mm stainless steel strip, the thickness range is 0.25-2.0mm, equipped with on-line degreasing, inlet loopers and outlet loopers, which can realize the bright continuous annealing processing capability of stainless steel with a daily output of over 300 tons. The production line adopts STRONG's original create of three-stage ultra-long process section. The furnace boldly activates STRONG Technology's patented composite corrugated muffle structure, selects imported high-temperature nickel-based material to manufacture muffle, and configures new safety linkage combustion system, natural gas heating, thermal energy recycling; The hydrogen recovery system is configured, and the decomposition gas is recycled, so that the production capacity is increased by about 30% compared with the ordinary production line. The energy consumption per ton of steel is significantly lower than the industry index and reaches the world advanced level.

    The cold rolling mill adopts the 20-roll precision rolling mill tailored by the Yongjin Science and Technology Research Institute. The control system adopts the Siemens S7-400 series (including AGC automatic thickness control and AFC automatic plate type control), in terms of design and manufacture. Both have reached the international advanced level. It is mainly suitable for the production of 304BA/2BA products. Yongjin Science and Technology is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel precision strips in China. It has very rich experience in the rolling of stainless steel strips. The 20-roll precision rolling mill is built by the Yongjin Science and Technology Research Institute, which represents a world-class advanced level. Yongjin Science and Technology is also one of the important customers of STRONG, and STRONG Technology is one of the mainly suppliers of bright annealing lines for its precision cold-rolled strip mills.

    Pursuing high quality, large output, energy saving and consumption reduction is always the common demand of large customers in the stainless steel industry. STRONG team has long-term devoted itself to the core components of the furnace process section, from material selection, manufacturing process, to equipment manufacturing, and the whole process of group ring control, ingenuity to build. After years of hard work, we finally broke through the technical barriers of the industry and successfully solved the embarrassing situation that Chinese enterprises have long-term been relying on import procurement and service on the core components of the muffle.

    In addition to providing high-quality annealing lines and core muffle accessories for major stainless steel companies at home and abroad, at present, STRONG technology has become a high-end precision stainless steel strip mill at home and abroad, providing high-temperature nickel-based materials for the replacement of high-end services for muffle.

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