Skills competition to celebrate birthday, STRONG TECHNOLOGY craftsman to present a gift


First award winner: Tang Guanwen

Second award winner: Zhou Xindong, Zhong Junpeng


Celebrate the birth of China on National Day, celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, celebrate the double festival, and enjoy the whole world.


Recently, it was sponsored by Shunde District civil administration, human resources and Social Security Bureau and Chencun Town People's government, and undertaken by Chencun town public service office, Chencun town Federation of trade unions, Shunde District special equipment association and Chencun town Human Resources Association“ In 2020, Shunde District welding and thermal cutting workers' vocational skills competition and the 7th Chencun town vocational skills competition officially opened.

The participants sweat like rain at the scene of the competition, which can be said to be a master to competited. After a fierce competition, the spiritual craftsmen from STRONG TECHNOLOGY came to the fore and won three awards. STRONG TECHNOLOGY also won the excellent organization award in one fell swoop, reflecting the strong comprehensive strength, professional advantages and industry influence of STRONG TECHNOLOGY.

Exhibition of award winning works

STRONG TECHNOLOGY won the excellent organization award


    Through organizing and carrying out knowledge and skills competition, the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of employees are strengthened, and the practical ability is cultivated. The enthusiasm of the staff is stimulated, the comprehensive quality and service level of welding and hot cutting operators are improved, the high skilled talents are promoted to stand out, the industry standardized management is promoted, and the craftsman spirit of striving for perfection is created, The training of high skilled personnel in the whole district has been further promoted.


China is not only a cultural power, but also a science and technology power. Scientific and technological innovation is the foundation of the country. To have technological progress and contribute to the country is our responsibility as the children of China and the descendants of the Chinese people. It is also the driving force for the development of STRONG TECHNOLOGY.


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