What else do you need to know about the Metallic cementation furnace?


Equipment application


Metallic cementation furnace


The production line is suitable for high temperature and medium temperature heat treatment of workpieces in protective atmosphere (argon): different structures and properties can be obtained on the surface of the same material according to the different infiltrating elements, and the material surface can also have excellent properties such as high temperature oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.


Equipment composition


The Metallic cementation furnace is composed of two sets of Bell-type furnace , one set of Argon cooled tank (ArB), one set of Manipulator, Storage table, Electrical control system, gas control system, computer control management system and circulating water cooling device.


Technological process


The production line adopts loading, conveying, closing furnace door, exhaust, heating, heat preservation, cooling, unloading and other technological processes. The Metallic cementation furnace can be heated according to the heating rate to realize the process of step heating, step cooling and furnace cooling.


application area


This equipment can be used for gas-phase Aluminizing of high-temperature alloy, stainless steel, intermetallic compound and other material parts.


It can be widely used in petroleum, mining, shipbuilding, automobile, hardware and other industries.




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