STRONG TECHNOLOGY, the leader of heat treatment equipment manufacturing, officially joined Foshan Metal Material Industry Association


On August 26th, 2020, Guangdong Strong Metal Technology Co., Ltd. (NEEQ: 833136, hereinafter referred to as "STRONG TECHNOLOGY") formally applied to join the vice president unit of Foshan Metal Material Industry Association.       

STRONG TECHNOLOGY, founded in 2000, is a high-tech company who focuses on manufacturing and processing services of metal material heat treatment equipment. In July 2015, it successfully landed in NATIONAL EQUITIES EXCHANGE AND QUOTATIONS, becoming one of China's few Listed companies on the new third board focusing on heat treatment equipment manufacturing.


With the core purpose of improving the performance of metal materials, STRONG TECHNOLOGY has been continuously in-depth research on the heat treatment processing technology, equipment research and development, manufacturing and other aspects of metal materials. Through long-term technical cooperation and alliance with Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, the United States, Japan and other international well-known manufacturing enterprises and colleges, the company has established a long-term and stable partner cooperation alliance STRONG TECHNOLOGY has long-term training demand for talents with international manufacturing level.  


After years of hard work, the heat treatment equipment produced by STRONG TECHNOLOGY has been widely used in shipbuilding, automobile, engineering machinery, general machinery, petrochemical, electronic devices, metal products and other industries. The products are exported to the United States, Switzerland, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, South America and other countries. The manufacturing capacity of some core equipment began to catch up with and surpass the international level.  


With the rapid development of stainless steel industry in China in the past 20 years, more than 3000 sets of strip bright annealing furnace equipment designed and manufactured by STRONG TECHNOLOGY have been distributed in major stainless steel industry countries and regions at home and abroad. Customers include many important steel enterprises at home and abroad, such as TISCO, Qingshan, Yongjin, Hongwang, Zhongjin, Huale, India Jindalai (JSL), etc, It is gradually becoming the first choice of bright annealing equipment brand in strip cold rolled process for major stainless steel enterprises at home and abroad.

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