The core component of bright annealing line for stainless steel strip --Composite corrugated muffle



Texture of material


From the material of composite corrugated muffle, we choose nickel alloy steel plate. This nickel alloy steel plate has good resistance, excellent corrosion resistance and good anti-oxidation medium performance in reducing environment, which is very suitable for high temperature and high pressure environment.




The muffle of the composite corrugated muffle is specially designed to be corrugated. After the original straight muffle is processed into corrugated shape, the heating area is increased, which makes it have unique ductility and can better adapt to the negative impact of thermal expansion and cold contraction. Moreover, the flame can be evenly distributed in the muffle, rapidly diffused and fully mixed, which can greatly improve the heating efficiency of the muffle and virtually save the production cost for the enterprise.


Supply of goods


Customers can customize the required materials and sizes, cooperate with each other in good faith, and match the version of the products. If there are problems in the process of use, we have a testing department that can carry out machine testing or update the equipment. STRONG TECHNOLOGY has its own expert team to protect the after-sales work of the products.

Professional casting quality, integrity leading the future, strong product R & D ability and excellent quality assurance, composite corrugated muffle quickly won the national recognition, issued the national patent certificate, in addition, rich experience and considerate service has also won the unanimous praise of many customers, in order to better tomorrow, we will be more energetic and strive for the upper reaches.

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