Big names talk about the development trend of intelligent manufacturing--And the mid year summary meeting of 2020 STRONG TECHNOLOGY was successfully held.


June 26th -27th, 2020, during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the conference room of STRONG TECHNOLOGY company building was very lively, and bursts of applause were heard from time to time. The summary meeting of STRONG TECHNOLOGY in 2020 was in full swing. Lu Hanming, chairman of the board of the company, Dong Xiaohong, general manager, Wang guimao, deputy general manager, Liang hang, deputy general manager and directors of various business divisions attended the meeting. Yao Xifan, professor of South China University of technology; Management team of School of management of Guangdong University of technology; And Hu Chunping, Foshan University were invited to attend the meeting. The directors of all business divisions reported the company's operation in the first half of 2020 to the company's leaders and guests. On the premise of actively doing well in epidemic prevention measures, they overcame various difficulties and made great efforts to resume work and production, and achieved good results. With intelligent manufacturing as the main line, the guests and leaders of STRONG discussed the application and development trend of artificial intelligence in the traditional manufacturing industry, and lit the direction light for the future development mode of STRONG TECHNOLOGY.

Mr. Lu, chairman of the board listened to the report carefully


Wang guimao, general manager of intelligent equipment division, presided over the meeting


Liang hang, general manager of mould & new materials division, analyzes the change and trend of steel parts market


Professor Yao Xifan, School of mechanical and automotive engineering, South China University of Technology


Yao Xifan, professor of South China University of technology, shared the “theory and technology of intelligent manufacturing”, which described the development of industrial revolution and GDP, made in China 2025, Internet and intelligent manufacturing, and the evolution of big data, so that we can fully understand the development direction of artificial intelligence in the future.

Liu Yuanhui, professor, on behalf of the management team of Guangdong University of technology, analyzed and commented on the basic situation of the STRONG TECHNOLOGY management system and organizational structure, and also said that the management team of Guangdong University of technology has joined the STRONG group, all business divisions of STRONG have been well optimized in terms of management process and personnel training, which has injected strong impetus into the vigorous development of STRONG.

Hu Chunping, professor of Foshan University shares the information construction and planning of STRONG TECHNOLOGY. The informatization construction greatly reduces the enterprise cost, improves the management efficiency of the company, and is more scientific and accurate for future decision-making.

Zhang Qinzhong, general manager (researcher) of STRONG ROBOT (FOSHAN) CO.,LTD, introduces the application of STRONG ROBOT (FOSHAN) in heat treatment intelligent manufacturing, UAV and stereo warehouse construction, forming the automation integration of intelligent chemical plant and providing you with professional customized service.

After the meeting, all members of STRONG TECHNOLOGY visited the robot automation production line

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