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Coating industry - what has STRONG TECHNOLOGY done?

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2020/06/20 14:52

The working environment of aeroengine blade is very bad, which is affected by mechanical load, high temperature and corrosion. Therefore, the high temperature protective coating is applied to the blade of the engine to improve the service temperature of the high temperature parts, prolong the service life of the parts and improve the efficiency of the engine.

In addition to conventional ion coating functions such as metal ion etching and heating, arc ion coating, etc., the STRONG TECHNOLOGY coating machine also has advanced functions such as plasma etching and heating, plasma enhanced coating, etc. Compared with conventional arc ion coating equipment of the same type, it is not easy to damage the workpiece, has better plasma cleaning effect, and has higher coating deposition quality and efficiency. It is mainly used in the equipment of multi metal protective coating such as AlSiY or NiCrAlYSi on the surface of high pressure turbine blade of aeroengine.

Aviation blade coating equipment


From 2015 to 2019 year, Guangdong Strong's coating machine gradually opened up a situation in the field of aeroengine. At present, the scientific research and technical personnel of GUANGDONG STRONG are working in this field to make the equipment continue to carry forward in the aviation engine industry of our country.


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