On April 16, 2020, Gu Wen, chairman of the board of CFHI TIANJIN HEAVY INDUSTRY CO., LTD., and Yao Yinguo, deputy general manager of CFHI TIANJIN HEAVY INDUSTRY CO., LTD., visited STRONG TECHNOLOGY. Lu Hanming, chairman of the board of STRONG TECHNOLOGY, and Dong Xiaohong, general manager of STRONG TECHNOLOGY, received warmly.

Xie Yingting, sales manager of STRONG TECHNOLOGY, introduced the development process and product technology service information of STRONG TECHNOLOGY. STRONG TECHNOLOGY is a large manufacturer of intelligent heat treatment equipment, with high brand awareness and reputation in the industry. CFHI TIANJIN HEAVY INDUSTRY CO., LTD is the leader of large-scale equipment manufacturing industry in China and even in the world. The both sides will strengthen communication and exchange, and will be able to smoothly carry out cooperation in the equipment manufacturing market, so as to achieve joint progress, mutual benefit and win-win results.

After the meeting, Gu Wen, chairman of the board, visited the equipment manufacturing base of STRONG TECHNOLOGY. He affirmed that STRONG TECHNOLOGY has the international advanced level in professional intelligent heat treatment equipment manufacturing and research and development ability of stainless steel cold rolling annealing equipment. He said that both sides should actively explore future cooperation opportunities, especially in the continuous annealing and pickling line for coil strips project. 

CFHI TIANJIN HEAVY INDUSTRY CO., LTD. is a national innovative pilot enterprise and a national high-tech enterprise. It has a national enterprise technology center, a National Engineering Research Center for heavy technical equipment and a national research and Development Center for major energy equipment materials. It is a world-class comprehensive enterprise group for R & D, manufacturing and service of high-end equipment. CFHI TIANJIN HEAVY INDUSTRY CO., LTD. is a holding subsidiary established in Tianjin by CFHI. Its main products include forging equipment, mining equipment, desalination of seawater, tunnel boring equipment, etc.

The purpose of this visit is to seek for powerful manufacturers in the domestic heat treatment industry, jointly develop the metallurgical equipment processing and manufacturing market, further enrich the industrial chain and enhance the core competitiveness of the market. The handshake between CFHI and STRONG TECHNOLOGY is bound to usher in rapid development.

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