FOSHAN STRONG METAL-assist in the research and development of a wide "hand torn steel" with special performance.


The epidemic is relentless, but trade is active


In January 2020, an overseas customer proposed to FOSHAN STRONG METAL CO.,LTD. that due to the need of material upgrading in the high-end Architecture field, he urgently wanted to assist in the research and development of a wide "hand torn steel" with special performance. FOSHAN STRONG METAL, customers, TISCO and processors organize "four directions" meeting to solve material performance, composition, specification and technical problems.


In March this year, when the customer received the samples, he immediately placed an order. On the "hand torn steel" sold by "gram", he signed a 12 tons contract and delivered the first batch of "hand torn steel" on April 6th.

Precision foil "hand torn steel" has broad application prospects in key industries; in the field of new energy, the development of high-end products such as flexible solar cell substrate steel, hydrogen fuel stack bipolar plate; folding flexible screen series products; 5G electronic industry non-magnetic new materials are accelerating.

Bell for Vertical furnace of the core annealing component of "hand torn steel" of STRONG TECHNOLOGY


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