New design 1050 stainless steel strip bright annealing line successfully put into production



During the epidemic, STRONG TECHNOLOGY, chairman of the supporting branch of Guangdong stainless steel materials and Products Association, we also do the best of prevention and control, and actively supported with project 1050 bright annealing line of ZHONGFU MINGDE, and successfully put into production from signing, design, procurement, processing, installation, commissioning on April 10th ,duration: 45 days.  STRONG fight together, creating an amazing 5G speed.



After years of practical experience and improvement, STRONG TECHNOLOGY adopted three turbines in this air cooling (cooling section), with TV value of 15-18 and cooling capacity of 6 tons / hour. Intelligent temperature control has high precision, low energy consumption, greatly improved the brightness and flatness of the board surface, and greatly increased the output.



Zhongfu Mingde stainless steel company has accumulated rich experience in product research and development, market development and enterprise management.



The core products are 200 series and 300 series cold-rolled stainless steel plate processing



After the adding project 1050 annealing furnace of STRONG, the monthly output will be stable at 30000 tons



The main furnace surface temperature and heat preservation effect in production are beyond your imagination



The high-end intelligent stainless steel strip annealing line is easy to operate, the boss likes it, the staff likes it, and the customer is satisfied!


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