Warmly congratulate the opening our doors for business of Dongguan service point of high-end die casting mould steel of STRONG TECHNOLOGY


Yangchun March, the sun shines brightly, the spring breeze is warm, flowers are blooming, birds are singing and flowers are fragrant, and trees are flourishing.

On March 27th, Liang hang, general manager of STRONG TECHNOLOGY mould new material business department; Lin Qinghai, deputy general manager of STRONG TECHNOLOGY mould new material business department; Su Yuhui, deputy general manager of STRONG TECHNOLOGY, went to Dongguan service point to hold the unveiling ceremony.

Dongguan, also known as "Guancheng", a prefecture level city in Guangdong Province, is one of the five prefecture level cities not divided into districts in China. Big data, artificial intelligence, virtual reality,etc. The future science and technology mentioned in the science fiction film is being transformed into reality in Dongguan, which represents the gradual transformation of Dongguan from "following" to "parallel and leading" in the global industrial innovation competition. Under the radiation effect of industrial giants, an innovative economic belt will be gradually formed; purple core cloud Industrial City project, Hong Kong new energy lithium-ion battery packaging project, etc, With one hundred billion, ten billion investment projects have been launched, global industrial giants have settled in Dongguan, and a global industrial giant competing to land the industrial cluster is gradually forming.

The high-end die-casting mould is used in 5G network circuit mould, mobile phone industry and lithium-ion power battery industry die-casting mould is widely used. The mould new material business department of STRONG TECHNOLOGY is the only designated distribution service provider in South China of Daye Special Steel Co., Ltd. in Hubei Province, to create the best cost performance of mould steel, and the product quality is recognized by customers.

Lin Qinghai, deputy general manager of mould new material business department, wrote a poem:

Ups and downs on the East Bank of the Pearl River

Die casting mould to seize the market,

Quality assurance wins customers,

Elite generals fight in Guancheng,

It's ambitious,

Take credit and you will be famous!

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