Adopt new design concept, it is more energy-saving and efficient!


【51 Stainless Steel】On August 13th, Shandong Hongwang 1# bright annealing production line was officially put into operation on August 7th, this means that Shandong Hongwang has fully equipped the production capacity of the whole process cold rolling narrow strip.

It is understood that Shandong Hongwang 1# bright annealing production line has a daily production narrow strip of 100 tons. The entire line is designed, supplied, installed and commissioned by Guangdong Strong Metal Technology Co., Ltd.

The new design concept, ultra-long heating furnace, using new-type combustion system, thermal energy recycling, as well as energy consumption hit a new low in the industry.

According to 51 Nets understand, last Friday, Shandong Hongwang officially launched the production of the stainless steel pipe materials, and the new products have been processed. At present, its 850 narrow strip pipe material, mainly in 201BAJ3、201BAJ1、304BA, has been fully received orders.

There are sources said that the current steel factory already have some parts of stock, mainly in J1BA and J3BA steel grades with a width of 510-620. The thickness of J1/BA is concentrated at 0.38, 0.45, 0.48 and 0.58. The thickness of J3/BA is concentrated at 0.88, 1.08, 1.35. The weight of the coil is mainly concentrated in more than 4 tons for the time being.

According to today (August 13th) quote: 201 material 2B base price is 8900 RMB / ton, the Ex-works of BA base price is 8600 RMB / ton; 304 material 2B base price is 15500 RMB / ton, the Ex-works of BA base price is 15300 RMB / ton.

Since BA is Ex-works price,so the price difference with 2B is not large, and customers think that the attractiveness of new products also have to consider the price tolerance.


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