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STRONG TECHNOLOGY boosts China's space ambitions

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2020/02/21 15:35

2019 is the "super year" of China's aerospace industry, which has achieved a series of remarkable achievements: chang'e-4 and yutu-2 realize the first landing of human probes on the moon surface; yutu-2 becomes the longest working lunar rover in human history; long march-11 rocket realizes China's first offshore platform launch, etc. In addition to these glories, there is also a "hope of the whole village", that is, the successful re-flight of Long March-5.


Long March-5 yaosan launch vehicle


On December 27th, it was successfully launched at Wenchang Satellite Launch Center, China

China's largest launch vehicle

It's about 57 meters long and weighs about 870 tons when taking off

Because of its large size, it is affectionately called "fat five" rocket

"Fat five" Gorgeous returns

10 years from formal project establishment to successful launch


The most powerful rocket in service in China

China's largest rocket lifts the heaviest satellite

The rocket with the highest thrust in the world

The development of the Long March-5 rocket is a great challenge

The larger the rocket, it means that the stronger the propulsion capability

So we made a series of major innovations



Near the extreme low temperature of - 183 ℃ and - 253 ℃——Liquid oxygen liquid hydrogen rocket propellant



Rocket engine with high renewal thrust, heat resistance and cold resistance (from extremely low temperature to combustion temperature of thousands of ℃), and strong stability.


YF-100K engine in exhibition


When you see it, you will be surprised when you admire it


Why is it said that STRONG supports China 's Aerospace dream!


Because, the heat treatment of some key parts of rocket engine applies the flexible intelligent heat treatment line jointly developed by SOLO Swiss SA and STRONG TECHNOLOGY!



As the "heart of rocket", engine needs better hardness, fatigue resistance, wear resistance and better comprehensive performance. In aeronautics, astronautics and other special industries, we have been working for many years to solve some challenging problems of traditional heat treatment equipment and process, and meet the application requirements of workpieces under extremely harsh conditions.


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