Beginning with heart, keep exploring -- go to Switzerland to explore the magic weapon of SOLO management


Since 2002, STRONG TECHNOLOGY has carried out technical cooperation with SOLO Swiss SA, a century old brand. Every year, we will send a batch of managers and senior engineers to Switzerland to learn advanced management knowledge and equipment manufacturing technology. Each exchange and learning is conducive to promoting China-Switzerland cooperation.

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In October of Golden Autumn, the managers of all departments of STRONG went to Brothers company-SOLO Swiss SA, to learn their advanced equipment manufacturing management process. They were warmly welcomed by Mr. Francis Liebens, President of SOLO management, Mr. Jean-Michel bechir, Sales director of Asia Pacific , and Mr. Cyrille Miclo, manager of purchasing department.

Visiting SOLO material warehouse is the biggest harvest of the tour. In order to improve the response rate and accuracy rate of warehousing, SOLO company has always used the method of "three parties information exchange" to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the links among Purchasing Department, Suppliers and Warehouses. This rigorous detail management benefits the inspection team. The top management of SOLO company initially understood the warehouse management work of STRONG and put forward reasonable suggestions, and both sides reached an agreement on the future warehouse management.

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In order to standardize the equipment manufacturing management process, in addition to learning warehouse management, the production management is also essential. In the workshop of SOLO company, 5S management is carried out in place everywhere. The ground marking, goods placement, instruction signs, etc. are marked in obvious positions. All details make the whole working area orderly, clean and tidy. Even a handful of workers can work methodically to produce high-end equipment.

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SOLO Swiss SA has given us great enlightenment on how to make the best of a field through the efforts of generations. Swiss rigorous, pragmatic, serious style of work is the specific expression of craftsman spirit. In the future, we will continue to strengthen cooperation with SOLO, including the exchange and sharing of resources in equipment technology and market dynamics.

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