To build a brand, we are serious


On November 9th, 2019, hosted by [51 stainless steel], the third China stainless steel high-end summit, CO sponsored by Minmetals stainless steel, Shandong stainless steel industry association, Guangdong stainless steel materials and Products Association, Jiangsu E-Commerce Association and SDIC Anxin Futures Co., Ltd., was held in Wuxi. 35 stainless steel enterprise elites gathered at the summit to build a top friend circle of stainless steel in China.


The event of "stainless steel brand wind vane" was settled, and STRONG won the award of "equipment and supporting high-quality supplier".


It is understood that in addition to the three dimensions of products, brands and enterprises, the "brand direction indicator" is expanded to the enterprise integrity, social security, tax payment, advertising investment and enterprise qualification. Based on multiple indicators, we strive to be fair and impartial to finally select the most representative and excellent products and the most reliable stainless steel brand and enterprise brand every year.

Liao Zhiyan, marketing director of STRONG TECHNOLOGY, was invited to give a keynote speech on the future application and development of stainless steel downstream products, which analyzed and interpreted the stainless steel industry with detailed data and professional analysis.

"The current economic environment has challenges, but more opportunities. In 2019, we all feel the tension of both familiar and strange, mixed in joy and sorrow, trembling with fear, We will go to 2020 with our profit and loss statements. In the coming 2020, it will not be a high spirited year. Economic growth will not be too fast, industrial recovery will not be too fast, and the improvement of the international environment will not be too fast. However, in a not so fast year, there will be new energy, quietly gathered, and new opportunities will sprout.


Since its establishment in 1992, STRONG has been building a one-stop stainless steel supporting equipment service platform, based on metal heat treatment, and has built a strong brand strength and brand influence. This time, it won the honor of "equipment and supporting high-quality supplier of stainless steel brand wind vane", which once again confirmed the recognition of the industry for the brand strength and influence of STRONG. In 2018, the bright annealing line of stainless steel with a daily output of more than 300 tons can be realized offline in Haili. The furnace body boldly adopts the patented compound corrugated muffle of STRONG TECHNOLOGY, which changes the awkward situation of long-term dependence on import procurement and service.

To build a brand requires special patience, just like a bird building a nest, it requires little accumulation. STRONG is a brand enterprise of stainless steel equipment and supporting high-quality suppliers, builds quality with integrity, wins market with word-of-mouth and enhances trust with service, which is recognized and trusted by the majority of consumers. In terms of brand building, on the basis of creating excellent product quality and service, through the whole network marketing and various platforms, including exhibitions, etc., the STRONG brand is spread in an all-round way.


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